£200m Leicester Railway Station regeneration project and workplace parking levy appear in Transport Plan

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People across Leicester are being called on for their input into a major new plan setting out transport and travel priorities for the city for the next 15 years, including a £200m regeneration project for Leicester Railway Station and a future workplace parking levy.

The draft Leicester Transport Plan has been drawn up, focusing on the key themes and identifying schemes which the city council proposes to deliver between now and 2036.

The draft plan focuses on three main areas: developing connected main transport corridors and stations, improving transport within local neighbourhoods, and managing demand for car use.

It sets out the city’s transport ambitions over the next 15 years, including:

Zero emission vehicles in use throughout the city, including buses, trains, taxis, fleet vehicles and freight. Many more people working regularly from home and more responsible use of cars for necessary trips only. Public transport such as bus and rail to be the first choice for longer journeys for most people, along with cycling or electric bikes. Active transport, cycling or walking becoming the first choice for shorter journeys for most people. A thriving, accessible city centre that is easy to move around in, and which supports

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