atest research shows the cheapest way to increase the square footage of your East Midlands home

Lifestyle hack: how to save tens of thousands AND increase your living space

Looking for extra space? Stop searching Rightmove. Recent research by Ready Steady Store has found the cheapest way to increase the square footage of your home - without even moving. In fact, it could even save you over £47,000…

Whether it’s the Christmas tree that makes an appearance once a year or some spare dining chairs just in case you’ve got a few extra people coming to visit, we’ve all got items in our homes that we don’t use often but, equally, don’t want to throw away. Ready Steady Store have calculated the square footage that these items add up to and compared this data to find out how much this equivalent space would cost across various regions across England.

So, instead of moving to gain more space and by putting the average amount of lifestyle items in storage, what could this save house buyers?


East Midlands: £17,321

East of England: £25,939

Greater London: £47,017

North East: £12,021

North West: £15,468

South East: £30,370

South West: £22,620

Wales: £14,652

West Midlands: £18,334

Yorkshire and The Humber: £15,007

National average: £22,333

Mehran Chania, CEO of Ready Steady Store, said: “Recently, we’ve seen a rise in lifestyle storage users, or “lifestylers”: people who don’t necessarily want to throw things away or who might only use items once a year, such as seasonal items or even hobbies. Putting these items into storage would cost around £37.50 a week, in contrast to having to pay a five-figure sum to expand around 80 sq ft just to store them. Saving space by putting items safely into storage elsewhere could mean being able to move to your dream location or even save you tens of thousands of pounds.”