Onboarding made easy

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Welcoming new employees to your organisation is an essential business process. Smart organisations rely on Onboarding software to welcome and establish new hires well before they start their first day of work.

The Frontier Software solution ichris (International Comprehensive Human Resource Integrated Software) now offers Onboarding as part of its Human Capital Management solution.

The new module, ONB21 – Employee Onboarding, automates the administration tasks involved in onboarding a new employee while welcoming the employee as one of the team.

“We developed ONB21 based on direct input from our customers as to what they expect of an onboarding system,” says Nick Southcombe, CEO of Frontier Software.

“That means it meets customer expectations and it is flexible, allowing customers to design an onboarding experience that’s specific to their organisation.

“They choose what documents and data they require; they decide what tasks to assign, they have control of the new employee onboarding experience and they determine when onboarding is complete.

“The latest research confirms that onboarding employees helps create great first impressions and has a measurable impact on staff retention. It also helps you retain great talent in the UK’s very competitive marketplace.”

ONB21 was purpose-built from the Smartphone up to

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