Detailed plans submitted for first units at new £56m enterprise park

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Detailed plans for the first business units to be built on Sleaford’s new £56 million enterprise park have been revealed, including the raft of eco-conscious measures within them.

Solar panels, electric vehicle charging points and shelters, bicycle storage, thermal energy saving measures and more are planned in this first phase of the enterprise park created by North Kesteven District Council.

Around this phase of units would sit native tree and self-watering planting areas sculpted to collect and make use of rainwater, hedging and wildflower meadow planting to support pollinators.

Provision would be made too for a wide range of wildlife with bat and bird boxes and hedgehog homes, plus log and matter piles for reptiles, insects and invertebrates to also reflect their importance and their need for habitat.

The plans for this first phase are made up of two plots. Plot one contains nine units ranging from 121 to 192 square metres which would benefit from solar panels, energy efficient insulation and electric vehicle charging points along with the inclusion of a green wall. Plot two contains six slightly larger grow-on units ranging from 313 to 476 square metres with solar panels, an electric vehicle charging shelter and extra efficient

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