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Haddonstone Announces New £300k Site Expansion

After a busy year of trading, Haddonstone are thrilled to announce their new site expansion. 

The new building, which is estimated to cost £300,000, is due to be completed this summer and will double the current size of the TecStone shop floor, giving Haddonstone approximately 12-14 tonnes per day of manufacturing space, compared to the current average of 6.2 tonnes.

As part of the same project, the new site expansion will also increase their timber mould shop space to accommodate a CNC machine.

The site expansion project brings potential new job opportunities and the Building and Construction team has expanded, too: Haddonstone recently welcomed Amy Nash and Matthew Plowe as Assistant Project Manager and Project Manager, respectively. 

Tony Mason, Production Director at Haddonstone (pictured next on site, above), said: "Expanding our new TecStone manufacturing space at Brixworth means we will be able to effectively double our production output each day. This will allow us to keep up with the increasing market demand for our wet-cast stonework products and to meet our clients' requirements quicker and more efficiently. I've worked at Haddonstone for 40 years and it's great to see that our business is continuing to invest in our production facilities, as well as recruiting the next generation of fresh talent."

After a successful year of trading, the demand for Haddonstone’s wet-cast products has increased year-on-year ever since they began manufacturing TecStone. The demand for the TecStone material has been steady over the last few years and is now roughly 60% of all the stone that Haddonstone makes.