The five main challenges facing businesses in 2021 and beyond (and how you can prepare for them)

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Since March 2020, businesses have faced a series of incredibly tough challenges. The pandemic pushed business owners into corners they could never have imagined, let alone planned for. So much of the time since then has been a test of their ingenuity, resilience and resolve.

We saw huge numbers of companies closing, of employees placed on furlough or made redundant, and for a long time it seemed like every lockdown easing was followed by tighter restrictions. We also must not forget all the challenges being faced by business owners and their employees outside of work. Figuring out how to look after family members in need when we could not leave our own houses. Home-schooling our kids at the same time as trying to work through a crisis. Rescheduling major life events to some uncertain point in the future.

Any business that made it through to this point has achieved something truly remarkable. However, we would be lying if we said that it was all going to smooth sailing from this point on. Even as the UK sets its sights on a second attempt at easing lockdown restrictions permanently, it is clear that things are going to stay difficult for some

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