B&DWC - SGB_8740 - Three children with the bears donated by David Wilson Homes


A Northstowe Pre-school tucked into Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day (July 10th) after an ‘unbearlievable’ donation from local housebuilder David Wilson Homes.

Pathfinder Pre-school, located near David Wilson Homes’ Northstowe development, received 90 teddy bears for the children to enjoy during the picnic.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day is an annual whimsical celebration of our childhood stuffed toys, based on the popular children’s song “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic”. The music to this song was first written in 1907 by American composer John W. Bratton, and British songwriter Jimmy Kennedy added the lyrics in 1930.

Emma de Witte, Pathfinder Pre-school Manager, said: “Our children are delighted to receive a bear for their picnic and to take home at the end of the day to have adventures with.”

Pathfinder Pre-school is located near the new development on Pathfinder Way. The day’s event gave the children a chance to enjoy the summer time sun, play games, and be creative with their new bears. The children were then able to take their new bear’s home with them.

Will Phair, Sales Director at David Wilson Homes Cambridgeshire, said: “The pandemic has had an impact on the social events and parties young children have been able to take part in, so we hope the children at Pathfinder Pre-school had a great time during their Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

“As a leading homebuilder it is important to us to care for the local communities in the areas in which we build, and we hope that our donation made the children’s’ day all the more special.”

For more information about Northstowe, visit the website at https://www.dwh.co.uk/new-homes/united-kingdom/h776301-northstowe/ or call the sales line on 033 3355 8485.