Breedon Consulting announces partnership with IT provider True MSP

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HR firm Breedon Consulting has announced a formal partnership with strategic IT support company, True MSP to offer a full scope of HR, learning and development, and IT services.

Offering a no-nonsense experience, the joint venture will combine Breedon Consulting and True MSP’s services to provide a fully comprehensive offering with a straightforward approach.

The partnership comes after years of friendship between Breedon Consulting Managing Director Nicki Robson and True MSP co-founders, Tim Rookes and Neil Shaw.

Breedon will be providing its full scope of HR services, which include; strategic services, operational services and HR software systems. On the learning and development side, Breedon specialises in profiling, individual development, management development, employee engagement and performance frameworks.

Services from True MSP will include; managed IT support, Cloud Services, back up & disaster recovery, network security and IT procurement.

Each company will be introducing the combined services to new and existing clients, to propose delivering joint projects.

Those that sign up to new joint services will not only gain access to HR, and learning and development experts for the retention, performance management and development of staff – they will also have access to IT specialists to ensure fast, strategic IT support with

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