Leicester logistics firm joins other businesses to highlight industry crisis

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Pall-Ex Group has joined other logistics businesses to highlight the crisis the industry is facing as a result of driver shortages.

The company noted that as the average age of HGV drivers in the UK continues to increase, currently standing at 56, and fewer young people enter the industry, Pall-Ex Group shareholder member businesses are struggling to find drivers to carry out collections and deliveries in a time when demand for such services has increased significantly.

When surveyed, 74% of Pall-Ex Group members said that they were affected by driver shortages every single day, and 100% said that the situation was causing their business to suffer.

Craig Stevens, Managing Director of Pall-Ex shareholder member STD Developments Limited, said: “We are finding it hard to continue to deliver the quality service we have built our reputation on. It is something that our customers and fellow network members now expect from us.

“If things carry on the way they are going, profits will start to drop and we will be forced to increase our prices, as will all other transport businesses. This will have a massive impact on the price of goods purchased in the UK.”

Asked about how he believes the

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