Best place to have a business

Coventry named the best place to have a business!

Business branding professionals, Totally Branded, have recently put together a new campaign - "The best place to have a business" and have revealed that Coventry took the top spot!

Totally Branded picked a range of towns and cities from all over the UK - 38 to be precise - and ranked them out of 5 against the following categories:

  • Average office rent (per square foot)
  • Average salary per region
  • Median age
  • Number of businesses per 10k people, per region
With the average office rent being £14.24 and the average annual salary being £31,000, it's not a surprise Coventry have ranked so high. Additionally, with the University of Coventry and Birmingham nearby, there's a plethora of new talent, as well as existing talent, within the area! 
Sharing the top spot to be the best place to have a business in is Coventry and Oxford, who both scored an impressive 3.8 out of 5. Followed closely by Cambridge (3.5), London (3.5) and Birmingham (3.3).

The full campaign can be found here: