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Energy leader gives his response to gas boiler ban delay

Following news that the gas boiler ban, originally set for 2035, could be delayed by five years due to soaring heat pump costs, Leicestershire renewable energy leader Keith Bastian has given his response, pointing to a continued ignorance from the UK Government  on price points:

For those of us determined to embrace and provide clean energy - aware that we are working against the clock - it is hard to accept this delay to the crucial phasing out of gas boilers. So often, we’ve seen promises that renew hope, only to be left dispirited by alterations, delays and apparent backtracking.

We accept that the cost of hydrogen boilers and heat-pumps can be prohibitive to some consumers. If the government is truly concerned by this, we wonder if there are other solutions that would have assisted the consumer? Tax benefits, consumer incentives and home insulation grants that will improve the fabric of all UK homes, could have helped to avoid this new and dispiriting delay.

For me, the government have consistently failed to acknowledge a massive deterrent that makes consumers hesitant to switch to clean energy provision, which is ‘Price’. Alternative heating solutions, such as electric radiators, have been widely used for a number of years now.  In France electric room heaters with room thermostats are used extensively for many years. They are 100% efficient and cheaper and easily installed in all UK homes. If the government reduces the levies on electricity, it will significantly lower the price, and deliver a clean energy solution that is easy and beneficial for all.

We’re already made significant strides with air pollution in regard to the electric vehicle market, with price points coming down as the vehicles become more widely accessible. It’s time now for more focus to be put on our home heating, particularly when you consider the fact that the average household in the UK emits 2.7 tonnes of CO2 every year from home heating. This newly announced boiler delay only adds further fuel to the fire in this regard.

Keith Bastian, CEO of Fischer Future Heat and Outfox the Market.