Rutland Self-Store Business Release Comprehensive Insurance Guide

The Guide Covers Every Aspect of Self-Store Insurance

Self-storage business owner, Dominic Willson, and creator of the Store Log Flog app has written a comprehensive guide on self-storage insurance.

Storage insurance is a policy which is taken out to cover valuables against theft or damage once they are stored away from the home or business, since this often means they will no longer be covered by a traditional home and contents insurance policy.

This kind of insurance policy is absolutely vital when utilising self-storage to ensure that all valuables and belongings maintain their quality and value.

Dominic has worked in self-storage and construction for many years and has often been credited with disrupting the self-store industry with radical approaches. Using these years of experience in the industry, Dominic decided to address storage insurance since he’s often asked questions about it by his customers and colleagues.

Here’s what Dominic had to say, “I’ve been in the business for many years, and I’m often asked about self-store insurance, since it’s not always an obvious point for those that need a self-storage solution that haven’t used one before.”

He continues, “when I wrote the piece, I was keen to cover as much ground as possible; whether you need to know if your home and contents policy may cover items away from the home, or how to find your own policy, I’ve included it all as transparently as possible.”

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