Hallam Announces International Office Expansion

Digital marketing agency, Hallam, has announced two new office spaces. 

Opening a new work hub in Leeds, Hallam will also be expanding into international markets, opening in the same area as Google's new HQ in Malaga, Spain.

The new work spaces will give Hallam the opportunity to expand their hybrid work strategy nationally whilst also creating Hallam’s first ever base in the European Union, giving a stronger platform for international markets.

Julio Taylor, CEO at Hallam, said: “Rather than close office spaces, we’ve done the opposite and have opened new co-working spaces in Leeds and an office in Malaga, Spain, too - the latter being crucial to our aim in becoming a European leader. These new spaces give both our staff a place to meet and work together in the Leeds and  Malaga areas, and our clients a new space to work side-by-side with us in new ways. We're also proud to be establishing our new European base in the same location as our partners at Google, in what is proving to be Europe's new silicon valley.”

The work hubs in Leeds and Malaga join Hallam’s office spaces in London and their Nottingham head office. 

The move comes as other companies across the country have announced office closures, in a move to a totally remote working environment. 

Julio said: “At Hallam, we’ve made a commitment to hybrid working and, over the last year, have changed the way we collaborate: it means that whilst we fully embrace the benefits of remote work, we also recognise that there’s still a need for face-to-face human interaction. We know that if we design it carefully, we can combine both into a really effective hybrid model that will be better than either one in isolation.”

In 2021, Hallam was listed as one of the Sunday Times’ Top 100 Best Small Companies to work at, as well as ranking in ​​their list for Marketing and Media’s 40 Best Agencies.