How to decorate each room this autumn and winter

As the leaves change colour and the nights get a little longer, many Brits will be looking to update their homes to embrace the arrival of autumn.

This doesn’t have to involve big changes or DIY projects – sometimes just adding a new accessory or a lick of paint can be enough to transform the feel of a room and make it feel right for that time of year.

With this in mind, ScS, the sofa and carpet specialist, has shared expert advice on how to decorate the living room, bedroom and kitchen for both autumn and winter, so you can end 2021 in style.


1) Living room

The Scandi style is defined by a stripped-back, minimalist look, but this autumn, combine its simplicity with a splash of colour. Consider spice colours, like earthy oranges, and pair them with grey accessories.

Checked patterns are also popular this season, with the bold stripes and squares adding a classy edge to living rooms across the UK.

2) Bedroom

With temperatures dropping, it’s important to make your bedroom a cosy sanctuary and the layering trend does just that. Think thick blankets, warm throws and chunky cushions – all maximising hygge, the quality of cosiness and comfort.

Wall-panelling also continues to be popular, with the simple DIY project adding real depth and character to a bedroom.

3) Kitchen

The leaves may be turning orange and brown, but green is all the rage in kitchens this season. Bring the outside in by combining different shades and creating a fresh, natural look – whether that’s through accessories like clocks and plants, or cabinet doors.

For a splash of luxury, add gold finishes, as they bring warmth and sophistication. Gold light fixtures or pieces of wall décor go beautifully with white kitchens.


1) Living room

When the weather turns foul outside, there are few things better than getting cosy and warm in a corner of your living room with a good book. It’s why reading nooks are popping up in homes across the country. A comfy chair is a must, as is soft lighting.

For the chair, consider 2021's other living room trend – bouclé furniture. Sometimes called ‘teddy bear fabric’, the modern-minimalist material is cosy, fuzzy and adds subtle texture, which is perfect for winter.

2) Bedroom

The days will get darker, so counteract this with lighter accessories and cool pastel colours to prevent your bedroom from feeling moody.

It could also be time to update your headboard with something more upholstered, with soft, comfortable backrests taking over from the wooden varieties that are popular at other times of year.

3) Kitchen

Layering is also worth adopting in your kitchen, particularly when temperatures drop. Cold floors can make a kitchen feel uninviting, so cover them up with thick rugs or pile carpet. You can also add thick curtains to keep heat in and warm throws to any seats or benches in the room.

Pendant lighting is also on trend and casts a warm light into a kitchen, while looking classy and industrial.

Katrina Bhowruth, Social Media and Digital Content Manager at ScS, said: “It can be expensive to totally redecorate each room whenever the seasons change, but you can create a new look around your home with more subtle changes.

“This autumn and winter, many Brits will want to refresh their homes and hopefully our tips can give them a bit of guidance on how to do so easily and effectively.”

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