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Leading Warwickshire developer Barratt Homes has teamed up with a professional organiser and declutterer to help buyers to make the most of their space.

After spending far too long stuck at home during the past 18 months, finding the perfect activity to fill the time became a high priority. Whether time was spent painting the next Mona Lisa, or building a personal gym to satisfy the desire for fitness, all of the clutter that was initially tossed out has most likely been replaced.

With this in mind, Barratt Homes has teamed up with Lesley Spellman from The Declutter Hub to put together some tips on how to re-organise their living space before Christmas.

Tanya Silk, Sales Director at Barratt Homes West Midlands, said: “They say home is where the heart is and, as we slowly begin to return to a sense of normality, we hope these tips will aid buyers in organising their space in a fun and efficient way.”

The tips include:

Choose furniture wisely

To maximise the feeling of space and minimise clutter, your furniture needs to work extra hard. Lesley, a Professional Organiser and Declutterer with The Declutter Hub, said:

“Be sure to choose furniture that has inbuilt storage, or at least where you can use underbed storage boxes to store seldom used items.”

Use technology to the max

If you struggle to part with sentimental items try using technology to help. Snap photos or video of you holding or wearing an item and retain the memory in digital format.

Shop intentionally

Don’t fall foul of retail therapy. If you want a clutter free space, the things that you have around you truly need to reflect your current lifestyle. Lesley said: “If you struggle to curb those shopping habits, set out with purpose on your shopping trips by operating a one in one out policy.”

Go vertical

If you are looking for new storage items, use the vertical space well. Go higher on cupboards so you use less floor space. Containers are going to be your friend but be sure to measure the space well and maximise the space you have. You can also add wall shelves for additional storage too.

Choose your background well

If you are going to be working from home, think carefully about your backdrop if you are on virtual calls. This is where shelves and vertical storage come into their own. Lesley added: “Take a look at your backdrop from your colleagues’ perspective to ensure it puts you in the best light.”

Do a daily reset

Work out what your non-negotiables are, assign a time and stick to it. This could be making your bed, putting on a load of laundry, or emptying a dishwasher. These should be done every day to keep the clutter at bay!

For more information about The Declutter Hub visit, where buyers can access more resources, as well as listen to the latest episode of The Declutter Hub’s podcast.

Barratt Homes is now open on an appointment only basis, and is currently building homes in Warwickshire at the following developments: Aston Grange in Upper Lighthorne, and Elborough Place in Rugby.

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