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Digital Space unveils its new online marketplace, vertexKIT

Digital Space, the leading cloud managed services provider, has today unveiled its exciting new online marketplace store, vertexKIT.

The online marketplace will enable businesses and its IT teams to easily buy IT equipment, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. With technology now being vital to most business operations, customers of vertexKIT will be able to get their equipment purchased and delivered within the next working day, saving businesses time and money.

The recent investment is part of Digital Space’s continued plans to strengthen its customer service offering and forms part of the IT provider’s recently launched supply chain service, Tech Space. By working with leading vendors, Digital Space is able to provide competitive prices and best of breed technology all in one place.

Sarah Lambert-Gibbs, Head of Supply Chain Tower at Digital Space, said: “We are delighted to finally announce the launch of vertexKIT, an exciting marketplace where customers can purchase IT equipment and smart devices, from PC monitors to contact centre headsets.

“The benefits of vertexKIT are vast, with businesses being able to get hold of equipment quickly without the high associated costs. What’s more, with CSR being an integral part of many IT purchasing decisions, the marketplace offers customers greater sustainable choices, including hardware recycling, carbon neutral laptops and refurbished hardware.”

Shane Gehlig, Product Manager at Digital Space, added: “vertexKIT provides our customers with an all-in-one complete solution. If a business is receiving their connectivity, productive and secure services through Digital Space, they no longer need to go elsewhere for IT equipment. Their account managers can work with them to provide an all-encompassing service that is hassle-free and time efficient.”

Headquartered in Newark-on-Trent, Digital Space is a leading technology platform and solutions provider. Born from managed services provider, Timico, the brand announced its own transformation into a cloud-first provider in June 2021, following multiple acquisitions of lead cloud practices, including Arcus Cloud Services.

Now focused on enabling change for its customers through its own asset-backed platform, Digital Space boasts a leading client portfolio with key customers including Burger King, St John Ambulance and Harrods Aviation.