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How to make your own Christmas wreath with tips from local housebuilder

As the festive season draws closer, housebuilder Mulberry Homes has teamed up with independent florist Loulla Flowers to help homeowners create their very own Christmas wreaths.

The developer, which is building new homes in Lutterworth in Leicestershire and Moulton in Northamptonshire, and Loulla Flowers have put together a handy how-to guide, helping locals to decorate their front doors for the Christmas holiday.

Clare Jones, founder of Loulla Flowers, said: “Hanging a wreath on your door at Christmas is the perfect way to welcome loved ones into your home. Whether your style is traditional and formal with pine cones and holly, or wild and natural with tonnes of foliage and wild berries, if you follow the steps below you can’t go wrong.

“Wreath-making is such a fun and festive thing to do, so why not get a group of friends together with Mariah Carey on the speaker and mince pies!”

Kerry Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Mulberry Homes, said: “We’ve loved working with Clare at Loulla Flowers to encourage local homeowners to get crafty and make their own Christmas wreaths this year. We can’t wait to see what wreaths people create, and are looking forward to giving it a go ourselves!”

What you’ll need

  1. Wire wreath base
  2. Moss (buy it dried and then plunge into water before using)
  3. Reel wire
  4. Mossing pins
  5. Foliage
  6. Decoration
  7. Ribbon


  1. Firstly, take your wire reel and make the hook you will use to hang the wreath. Make sure it’s secure – the wreath will be heavy once you’re done.

  1. Squeeze the excess water from the moss and begin securing to the wire base by wrapping the reel wire round and round. This base uses no plastic, keeps your wreath hydrated and can be re-used next Christmas too.

  1. Once you have your moss base, gather your foliage. Clare commented: “You can just use Christmas tree spruce, but I like to use lots of variety to add interest and texture. Some suggestions of what you can use are eucalyptus, conifer and pine.”

  1. Start making little bunches with your foliage, using the longer parts on the outside and the shorter on the inside, and again using the wire to secure the bunch to your base by tightly wrapping it round.

  1. Continue adding the bunches to your base the whole way around, always following the same direction with your bunches pointing the same way.

  1. Once you complete the circle, hide the last bunch underneath your first one.

  1. Now, use mossing pins to add the decorations of your choice. Some ideas are pine cones, berries, cinnamon and ferns, but you can use whatever you like!

  1. Add a ribbon if you’d like, and you’re done! You should get at least four weeks out of your wreath, and keep it hydrated by spraying it with water every few days.

Alongside providing a helpful guide, Mulberry Homes has also commissioned Loulla Flowers to craft specially-made wreaths to decorate the showhomes and marketing suites across all of its current developments.

Kerry added: “At Mulberry, a huge part of our ethos is supporting independent businesses wherever we can. Our Distinctly Local initiative, which has been running since 2019, is all about collaborating with and purchasing from local shops close by to our developments. We’re delighted to be decorating all of our showhomes with wreaths from Loulla Flowers, and hope that residents and visitors enjoy them just as much as we do.”

For more information on Loulla Flowers and the ready-made wreaths available, visit

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