5 Tips to Make Your Business Travel More Eco-Friendly

5 simple ways to make business travel more eco-friendly in 2022 

Traveling for work is expected to explode this year, with over £730 billion in global spending predicted by The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA).  

And with that increase in demand for travel, it’s important to consider the environmental impact and how to make travel more eco-friendly. 

That’s why James Dent, sustainability lead at travel management company, TravelPerk, has given his five top tips on how to be more eco-friendly when travelling for work this year 

  1. Eat local

One way to support local communities and businesses is by embracing the 0KM food concept. By eating at restaurants that source their produce nearby, you help reduce food miles, preserve small farmland, and promote genetic diversity. Responsible travel is about more than transportation and accommodation. By doing a bit of research, you’ll be able to find the best places and avoid fast food chains.  

2. Don’t print your travel documents 

Airports and hotels worldwide accept digital tickets, boarding passes, booking confirmations, and more, so there’s no need to print it all out. Plus, using contactless technology is a great way to avoid common-touch spaces.  

  1. Offset your carbon footprint

You can also give back to the environment to offset your carbon emissions. See if your company has a carbon-neutral business travel program, such as GreenPerk, which allows you to offset every tonne of C02e your business travel emits. At £4 per tonne of C02e, your carbon offsets can help NGOs, such as atmosfair, deliver energy efficiency projects around the world.  

  1. Use car-sharing apps & public transport

You can also consider using the car-sharing economy if it is available at your destination to decrease carbon emissions. Public transport is another great way to minimise the negative impact that mobility can have on the environment by increasing fuel efficiency and reducing traffic congestion. Consider apps such as CityMapper or Moovit to easily plan routes on public transport.  

  1. Behave responsibly in hotels

Many hotels now ask you to put your towels in a specific place if you would like them to be washed and replaced. You also need to ask if you would like your sheets changed during your stay. Observe these practices and only change these amenities when you really need to. 

James Dent, the ESG & Sustainability lead at TravelPerk, continued: “We know business travel will continue to be popular, with our research showing 41% of workers even consider it as an important factor when deciding on a job. And while we continue to see new parts of the world while on business, there’s a lot you can do personally to minimise your environmental impact/minimise your ecological footprint.  

“At TravelPerk, we're on a mission to connect people in real-life in an enjoyable and sustainable way. In 2021, we offset 4,072 tonnes CO2e and are pleased to support projects on a truly global scale. In 2022 we will be launching a Sustainability Suite to help companies set carbon budgets and create emissions reduction strategies in line with net-zero commitments.”  


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