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This is no April fool's joke, the No-Blame divorce law is being introduced in a couple of weeks.

The much anticipated no blame divorce is planned to be introduced in less than one month’s time and no, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke. Fair Result, East Midlands’ innovative family law practice let us know what to expect.

Whilst the terminology has changed, it really isn’t a major change that everyone was expecting. Removing the often-unhelpful divorce approach of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ or ‘adultery’ that often causes unnecessary stress and aggravation. Besides that, little else has really changed.

However, probably the most important change, which hasn’t received much publicity, is that cooling-off period - from granting an old fashioned ‘nisi’ to the ‘absolute’. The new rules introduce a minimum of 28 weeks. Whilst this will likely delay most divorces where there are complex financial matters to consider and resolve, it will cause issues where a couple can agree on a settlement and want to move on quickly.

So, those of you contemplating a divorce, separated but just not got round to it yet or want a divorce as soon as practicable - there is a window of opportunity during March to start the process and avoid the delays associated with the new divorce processes and regulations.

Author Bio - Chris Sweetman is a Director of Fair-Result and an authorized and regulated solicitor with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.