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A.W. Lymn Go Above and Beyond with Drone Services at Funerals

Leading independent East Midlands funeral director, A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service, is breaking boundaries in the funeral industry with its modern drone service, offering the chance for families to capture the service of their loved one from the sky.

Working with local non-profit organisation Care and Education Group (CEG), A.W. Lymn is modernising the traditional model of a funeral service and providing footage from ceremonies for loved ones to treasure.

Located on Peet Street, Derby, Care and Education Group strive to help the community to help themselves, by providing support to the community with training and development, digital media packages and mentoring programs.

CEG first set up its specialist funeral drone service in 2020, in response to strict Covid-19 rules which limited funerals to a maximum capacity of six. They initially started using drones to record funerals and memorial events, and then began capturing footage from above and incorporating it with photography, chosen music, tributes and much more to offer a full keepsake from the day.

It was then in August 2021, when A.W. Lymn began working alongside CEG to offer the drone service to all the families it serves in the Derbyshire region.

On how this partnership came into fruition, Selvin Reid, Managing Director at CEG, said: “We first worked together when A.W. Lymn was the funeral directors of a family we were offering the service to, and right away we admired their professionalism and caring approach. It was apparent we shared a similar ethos and from then on, we began working together on various projects to support those who were affected by the restrictions of the pandemic.”

Based at Derwent House on Becket Street, the fifth-generation family funeral firm is committed to supporting the communities it serves and is always looking for innovative ways to fulfil individual requests.

Neil Reeves, Funeral Director at Derwent House, said: “We take great pride in serving our local community, and we always go above expectations to make the day special for those who are grieving.

“Funerals are continuing to adapt with the times and the circumstances we are faced with, and utilising modern technology such as drones is just one example of this. It allowed people to get closure during the pandemic via live-streaming, and now it has cultivated to a full service offering we can now provide to all families in the area.”

Neil explained that the drone offering includes a full in-depth consultation prior to the service, where the family’s vision for the film is story-boarded to ensure all requirements are met.

The footage is then put onto a disc or uploaded to YouTube and access is given to those who attended so they can rewatch in their own time or share with friends and family who may have been unable to attend.

So far, A.W. Lymn and CEG have worked together to host 12 drone funerals with the response being extremely positive.

Lisa Birks used the drone services in February at the funeral of her daughter, after receiving the footage she said it was the most beautiful thing she had ever watched.

She said: “On the day of the funeral I couldn’t function properly, I didn’t even know who attended. The video allows me to look back and see how loved my daughter was.”

Neil Reeves added: “We are so pleased to be able to offer this service which provides memories that families can cherish forever. Working alongside CEG we look forward to seeing what the next alternative service is we can offer.”

A.W. Lymn is headquartered in Nottingham and has been helping the bereaved in the region for more than 110 years. It employs over 120 staff and operates 27 funeral homes across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.