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Top five interior trends to re-energise your home this Spring/Summer 2022

From introducing indoor plants, to transforming rooms into multi-functional spaces, the home improvement experts at Taggart Homes have highlighted the top five trends to watch out for this Spring/Summer 2022.

With more than 30 years in the industry, Taggart Homes create beautifully designed homes in the UK and Ireland, focusing on quality, integrity and value.

The team at Taggart Homes have carefully hand selected this season’s must haves for homeowners looking to bring a fresh new feel to their properties.

Nick Taggart, director at Taggart Homes, said: “At Taggart Homes we pride ourselves on delivering beautiful, high-quality homes. When developing the interiors for our show homes, our team are always ahead of the interior trends, to ensure we are showcasing to potential buyers how their dream home could look. Below we have listed the top five trends for this Spring/Summer 2022”.

1. Biophilic

Biophilic design invites natural light, plants, nature-inspired colours and materials into your home this season. Interiors are focusing on creating a space that connects us to nature, evoking a sense of serenity and a simple way of making your home feel bigger.

An effortless way of displaying biophilic design is with house plants and flowers. This interior trend can improve mental health and wellbeing by increasing levels of oxygen that can help boost your mood and productivity levels.

Combining rustic, sustainable furniture with neutral colours is a perfect way of upgrading your inside spaces with a serene finish.

2. Multifunctional spaces

This trend has become an integral part of interior design, as more than ever, homeowners are seeking function and practicality, alongside aesthetic.

Serving more than one purpose, multifunctional spaces add great value to your home, no matter what the size of the room. From a home office in the day to a space to work out in the evening, creating a versatile layout will ensure the whole family can use it.

After more than two years of working from sofas and dining tables, due to the pandemic, the increase in consumer demand for garden buildings has sky rocketed. People are requiring additional space and looking to carve out a quiet workspace in their gardens*.

Taggart Homes shepherd huts and garden rooms provide convenience and comfort, making a valuable addition to any garden space.

3. Dark Academia

Taking aesthetic cues from old academic institutions and libraries, this interior trend was designed with country homes in mind, and has captivated the eye of social media, with dark academia content being viewed by over 1.9 billion people on TikTok**.

Drawing in darker wood tones, deep nature-inspired colours, and antique treasures, this interior trend is predicted to become very popular during 2022.  Scattering aged and bound books to your windowsills or coffee tables is a perfect way of adding a subtle hint to the trend in your home.

4. Barkitecture

As we’ve spent more time at home over the past two years, our love for our pets has grown substantially with 3.2 million UK homes acquiring a pet over lockdown***. The new interior trend, ‘Barkitecture', focuses on creating a home that’s comfortable, functional but aesthetically pleasing for all family members, including pets.

Pet-proofing has started to rub off on our interior design choices, such as utility rooms becoming multi-functional, with built-in dog showers for cleaning off muddy paws after walks.

Creating a pet corner with toys and blankets or upcycling old furniture to make cosy beds are some additional ways to welcome Barkitecture into your home.

5. Dream Garden

Following such a high demand in outdoor accessories such as fire pits, pizza ovens and hot tubs during lockdown, appreciating our gardens and outdoor spaces will continue to dominate in 2022.

Gardens have also become an extension to our homes, with 32% of Brits saying that they would like to install a summer house or work studio in their gardens this year****.