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A.W. Lymn Help ‘Oink’s’ Memory Live on with Special Plaque

A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service, one of Derby’s largest independent funeral directors, has highlighted the legacy of one of the city’s most beloved animals with a special commemorative plaque.

Local residents may remember Oink, a water buffalo who became a much-loved local celebrity after he arrived in the city over 20 years ago. His field, which was located off Haslams Lane, Derby, near the river Dewent, even has its own entry on Google Maps.

Oink was owned by Kathleen Moore, who was gifted the 1.4 tonne animal by his previous owner. She cared for Oink dearly, visiting daily, before she sadly passed away in 2013, leaving Oink in the care of her daughter, Beverley.

Having previously used the services of A.W. Lymn, Beverley turned to the funeral directors with a very special request for the day.

She asked Kevin Hall, Senior Director, who has worked for A.W. Lymn for over 18 years, if it was possible to drive by Oink’s field for her mum’s funeral procession. Kevin said: “We’ll do one better, and we’ll actually go down onto the lane to see him”.

On the day, A.W. Lymn took a detour during the procession and drove down the potholed and narrow lane to see Oink. Beverley said: “We are so incredibly thankful that Lymns went out of their way to drive to Oink’s field. When we arrived, it was incredibly moving as Oink stood and watched. Kevin then got out of the hearse, giving Oink a homemade fruit loaf that he had specifically baked for him. He truly went above and beyond for the service; nothing was ever too much to ask.

“We wanted everything doing perfectly, and we knew that A.W. Lymn was the firm to do it. They were so professional, caring and reassuring, from the start of the process right until the end. We knew we could trust A.W. Lymn and they made all our wishes for my mum come true.”

Oink sadly passed away aged 20 just months after his owner, Kathleen. “It was sad, even though we knew it was his time to go,” explained Beverley.

“We decided to spread Oink’s ashes at his field in 2014, as a fitting farewell.”

To remember the special day, A.W. Lymn The Craftsmen in Stone created a bespoke plaque that has been fitted to Oink’s field, marking his memory within the local Derby community.

Kevin said: “When bereaved families come to us to arrange a funeral, no matter how obscure the request may seem, we will aim to fulfil their wishes. Our funeral services are designed to be tailored to your needs, we’re here to make the entire process one that is personal and memorable, and we’re very pleased we could do this for Beverley and her family.

“By gifting a plaque to Oink’s field, Beverley and those in the local community who loved Oink, can now have a place to visit and pay homage to him."

The fifth-generation family business has been helping the bereaved for over 110 years, with quality of service and value for money at the heart of its ethos. A.W. Lymn has six funeral homes across the region, with a total of 27 including Nottingham.