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Leicester firm B-Sure Installations launches B-Spoke Hygiene Board service

B-Sure Installations has launched its B-Spoke Hygiene Boards service across the UK, following a successful trial to support customers during COVID.

B-Spoke Hygiene Boards are designed specifically to meet all a customer’s hygiene needs in one and are pre-treated to be completely anti-microbial. Each board is installed on-site by B-Sure Installation engineers into workplace and public areas to provide prominent hygiene stations with clear and understandable instructions.

“Maintaining hygiene standards is dependent on providing supplies for people to clean and sanitise hands when and where needed,” explains Ross Chambers, Managing Director at B-Sure Installations, which is based at Manor Business Park in Enderby Road, Leicester. “It is equally important to be clear how to use the products such as soap and sanitiser correctly. What we also found that our customers wanted to protect their walls and surfaces from the installation of several dispensers over years, and so the B-Spoke Hygiene Board was born.”

Now the full hygiene board service is launched for both wall mounted boards and mobile units. The hygiene boards service busy locations such as schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants plus retail and public areas delivering hygiene supplies and messaging in one unit.

“We work with each customer to provide a complete B-spoke Hygiene Board solution.  Our in-house design team creates hygiene boards to exact customer’s specifications, including branding and key messaging.”

Each board serves as a hygiene station and can include soap, sanitisers, wipes, glove rack holders, moisturiser and hand towels, with clear instructions on how to use each product.

Wall fitted boards can save customers damage to walls from the installation of several dispensing units as each board covers the whole station area, providing a designated area to install dispensers for years to come.

The all-in-one boards are placed in high traffic areas such as shopping centres and arenas, hygiene critical locations in hospitals and care homes, plus food manufacturing sites. They are ideal for areas where hygiene messages need to be very clearly communicated and enforced to help to create an environment of good hygiene and reduce the spread of germs.

“Hygiene boards can be designed to fit any space and fulfil cleanliness and hygiene needs, for example we often fit in hospitals, even in portaloos and camper vans,” explains Ross. “We work with each customer to get it exactly right for their environment and install each board with the minimum of disruption. With all our installations customers can monitor the progress of their orders until they are safely installed and up and running.”

Each board is quick and easy installations and can be removed and re-located, protecting walls and surfaces from unsightly marks and damage.

Unique and individual needs are also catered for: “The boards are designed to grab attention and therefore each one must be bespoke to its location and its users,” adds Ross Chambers. “We can design 3D, magnetic and easily mobile wheeled units and can include voice activation for public areas, colour coding for dementia care and language translations for different communities. The mobile boards can be placed to serve as a barrier between the person and a room or specific place which requires high hygiene such as laboratories. Place it by the door and it is clear the equipment must be used before entering.”

B-Sure Installations design, manufacture and install the boards. All boards are pre-coated to be totally anti-microbial and are 100% recyclable and can be easily altered as the needs of the customer changes.