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New-build home ticks all the boxes for Derbyshire couple awaiting arrival of their first child

A Derbyshire couple are loving life in their ‘spotless’ and well-insulated house after choosing to make their first home together a new one.

Expectant parents Abbi Burnett, 26, and Andy Brown, 30, purchased a three-bedroom detached house at Bellway’s Springwood development in Midway in January this year.

The couple, whose are expecting their first child in December, had been living just a street away from the development – in a two-bedroom terraced property owned by Andy.

But with a baby on the way, the pair decided it was time to get a bigger place of their own in which they could start a family.

At first they were unsure about the idea of buying a new-build. But after making the short trip to visit the sales office at Springwood, off Burton Road, they were quickly won over by the spaciousness of the three-bedroom detached Thespian house.

Abbi, who is originally from Burton and whose parents live in Swadlincote, said: “We were not initially convinced about buying a new-build property, but when we moved to Midway and were living just a street away from the Springwood development, we decided to visit it and take a look at the three-bedroom properties on site.

“The opportunity to purchase a three-bedroom detached property was very unique, as most of the other developments in the area only offered three-bedroom semi-detached properties, or detached homes that didn’t have a garage and were much smaller than we would have hoped for. The Thespian house type stood out right away and ticked all of our boxes.”

Since moving in, the couple have discovered the many benefits of living in a modern, energy-efficient new-build house – from the open-plan living spaces to the lower maintenance requirements.

Abbi said: “No matter how many times I cleaned my previous home, I just never felt as though it was properly clean. To be able to move into a new house where everything is so spotless is a huge difference and a massive relief for both of us.

“As well as this, our new home is a lot warmer than we ever imagined. We have barely had to put the heating on since we moved in because the house is so well insulated, which is of course a huge bonus given the current price of energy and the cost-of-living crisis.

“One of my favourite things about the house is the large bay windows in the living room. We have had lots of friends and family visit since we moved in, and a lot of them have mentioned how good the windows look. They let in so much light and make the room feel so spacious and open.

“The large kitchen is also a massive upgrade from our previous house, where the kitchen was very small. Now we can host friends and family and cook large dinners while allowing our guests to sit in the dining area, and we also have the opportunity to have guests stay over in the spare bedroom.”

Buying a home not previously lived in by anyone else also meant the couple had a blank canvas to work with when it came to decorating their new place.

Abbi, a children’s mental health worker, said: “We have already set to work putting our own stamp on the place, doing some general decorating, and purchasing furniture for the rooms in the house. We have also put together our nursery room in preparation for next month, and this room doubles up well as an at-home working space for me and allows us to have a degree of separation between the spaces in the property when we need it.”

Abbi and Andy looked at a number of housing developments in the Derbyshire area but said the size and quality of the Bellway homes stood out from the rest.

“A lot of the developments we visited felt a bit cramped and the quality of the homes on offer just wasn’t as good as those at Springwood”, said Abbi. “I have several family members and friends who have purchased with Bellway, so I knew about the quality of homes that they build. The development here feels extremely spacious, and everyone on site is very friendly.

“Given we already lived in the village, we knew the location well, but the development is perfectly situated within walking distance of a Sainsbury’s supermarket. It’s also within walking distance of both Eureka Primary School and Granville Academy, which is great for me and Andy as we take our first steps to create a family together. I have a lot of family members who live in Burton, so it is nice to still live so close to them in our new home too.”

The couple purchased their three-bedroom detached Thespian house for £265,000, putting down a deposit of £45,000. Their monthly mortgage payments are around £700 a month.

Abbi said: “While we are now paying around £300 a month more for this house than we were on the last place, it is worth it to know that we are getting such good value for our money. We have seen similar houses in the area, and they are already more than the purchase price of our property.

“It is a great feeling to know that this is now a permanent move for us both, as we take our first steps together as a family. There are already a number of families on the development, so we feel very much at home here. We are both feeling very settled and are looking forward to many happy years together at our new home at Springwood.”

For more information about Bellway’s Springwood development, visit, or call the sales team on 01773 730 617.