Blue Monday: What Does it Mean for Businesses

Blue Monday is approaching, and we all know what that means for us, but what about businesses?

A survey carried out by the quality assurance improvement platform, Evaluagent, found that 40% of customer service staff are less happy in January than any other month of the year, leading to 39% actively searching for a new role. 

We don’t need to look too far to find how back-to-work blues affects people, here are some examples from Reddit:

Bunnymomofmany – “Anyone else just back-to-back for like 6 hours a day in Jan? Ugh I told myself I wouldn’t use any sick time till after April but I’ve already used 6 hours last week to leave early”

Utopiacunicornn – “January is the unfriendly reminder of oh hey, it’s a new year and I’m still here, and also the return of “business as normal” and the number of non-stop calls.
I’ve been trying to figure out my career/job prospects because I need to get out of this hell.”

Whotiesyourshoes – “Absolutely but haven't been able to get from under customer-facing jobs, customers are also far worse in January. In my new position, I receive very few incoming calls and I avoid them when I can, but every single one I do take is them being angry and going on and on about things I have no control over or that they just don't like hearing they aren't entitled to something.”

Jamie Scott, co-founder and CEO of Evaluagent commented “High employee turnover in January is a real problem for many businesses and can cause significant problems when it comes to productivity and customer satisfaction levels.

Our research clearly shows there is a direct link between employee engagement and turnover, suggesting that businesses need to be making far more effort to engage their workforce at this time of year if they are to prevent the annual surge in departures.”