Five home improvements 2023 Stormclad

Five easy ways to spruce up your home in 2023

Homeowners looking to stay put and improve their homes this year with easy and affordable changes, can follow advice from the home improvement specialists at Stormclad.

With remortgaging rates increasing by 30% this year, the trend to ‘remain and maintain’ will see homeowners staying put in abodes at a time of uncertainty for the housing market, taking the opportunity to improve homes for a better quality of living and adding value for future sales.

From changing up interiors with easy hacks and enhancing existing features to add longevity, there are a range of ways you can add quality back into your home.

Finance director at Stormclad, John Evans, says: “With the cost of living crisis and the housing market facing uncertainty, UK homebuyers are increasingly looking to stay put in their homes and improve, while the economy regulates.

“Whether you're looking to increase the market value of your home or simply improve for a better standard of living in, there are plenty of ways to enhance your home without breaking the bank.

“Investing in improvements will be beneficial in the long-term, in terms of home maintenance and simply adding value when and if you decide to move in future.”

From seasonal colours to fresh fittings, here are five easy home improvement tips:

Switching up décor

Mixing up your décor can make your house feel completely different, with minimal effort and maximum impact. You don’t need to replace everything – cushions, tablecloths, and throws are easily interchangeable, and can be updated with the seasons. Dark purples, blues and golden tones work well in cooler months, while yellows, oranges and pinks work well in warmer months. Fragrances can also transform the ambiance – try cinnamon and cloves in winter, and linen and fruity scents in summer.

New windows

Improve the amount of natural light in your house, as well as the insulation, with a new set of windows that will make a difference both inside and outside the house. Aluminium windows have a long-life span, high-energy efficiency, and solid security, meaning that while it is an investment, there are many benefits that will serve you well for years to come. Timber windows are also highly secure and can be personalised to either softwood or hardwood to suit your aesthetic. Plus, UPVC windows are great at stopping drafts getting into the home and are cost-effective too.

Fresh paint                                                                                              

It sounds simple, but a new lick of paint can really change the atmosphere of a room. Think about how you want to feel in each room – motivated, relaxed, happy – and apply this to the colours that you choose to paint with. Bold shades like on-trend magenta and deep green can add warmth and depth, while neutrals like white and light brown can be tasteful and calming. If you do decide to go for a bold tone, don’t go all in straight away in case you change your mind quickly – add pops of the colour with soft furnishings or even go for a statement wall.

New doors

Changing the entrance to your home is a great way to add style to your exterior, while adding kerb appeal. When doing this, it’s important to choose the right material for your budget and needs.  For example, UPVC doors are low-maintenance and inexpensive, making them ideal choices for those looking to save. Meanwhile, while timber doors are an initial investment, they offer a premium aesthetic and extra insultation for the home. A new colour can also go a long way – navy blues, greys and blacks all look smart on doors, while being effortless to maintain.

Adding a conservatory

Adding a conservatory to your home is a great way to extend the amount of space in the house. Be sure to add a style that will complement your home, such as Edwardian, gable-fronted and lean-to, to add value long-term. If you already have a conservatory – perhaps an older model in need of a spruce-up – replacing the windows and roofs can give it a new lease of life. Or for a more cost-effective measure, taking the time to give your conservatory a good clean both externally and internally will help bring light back into your home.

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