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Is apartment living the way forward in 2023? Here’s six reasons why prospective buyers should be considering them

Homebuyers looking to purchase a new abode this year should consider an apartment if they’re looking for a secure, social and healthy living option.

With the rising cost of living framing buyer considerations, apartment living offers an energy efficient, communal way of living, in comparison to houses on the market, allowing homeowners peace of mind when it comes to both lifestyle and costs, according to the experts at KMRE Group.

From high-level security, to sociable communal areas, on-site gyms and convenient locations – there are a range of benefits that can come with opting to live in apartments over traditional housing, so research is key when hunting for a new home.

Julia Day, sales and development progression manager at KMRE, explains: “With the cost of living being a primary concern for the whole of the UK, buyer considerations have certainly changed in the last 12 months, and energy-efficient living is becoming essential.

“Apartment living ticks many boxes in terms of security, and efficient, economical living – with the added aspect of communal spaces for co-working, relaxing and exercising.

“We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons buyers should consider apartment living in their new home search, while for many, economical living is front of mind.”

From energy efficiency to social opportunities, here are six reasons why apartment living is the way forward:

Energy efficiency

With the cost-of-living crisis seeing energy bills soar, many people are looking for ways to keep their outgoings down long-term. According to the Office for National Statistics, apartments are among the most energy-efficient properties in England and Wales*, due to better insulation and the fact that they are often more efficient to heat. It’s also a bonus if a development is south-facing, as residents will benefit from more exposure to sunlight in the warmer months.


Location is key when it comes to scoping out a new home, and apartments will often be centrally located next to amenities, so residents can easily access and enjoy their surroundings. The Yacht Club development by KMRE is situated close to West Bridgford, which offers a range of shopping and eateries, as well as being just a 30-minute walk away from Nottingham city centre. The apartments are also situated along the banks of the River Trent, which has beautiful waterside paths that are perfect for mindful walks and taking in the area’s natural views.


Making sure that you and your loved ones are safe is a key part of feeling comfortable and content in your own home. It can also be expensive to invest in home security systems and special locks.  Apartments offer security that is unrivalled, like multiple levels of security before people can reach any home, such as pass-coded areas and surveillance. Other services can also include concierge services to handle visitors, parcels, and to monitor the area. These can give real peace of mind, especially when leaving your property for long periods of times by travelling – something many are doing now post-pandemic.

High-spec living

By purchasing an apartment with high quality features already built in, you won’t have to worry about making changes when moving in, and can simply unpack and relax. The Yacht Club in Nottingham has apartments built to a high-quality specification, with large contemporary windows, marble-style tiled bathrooms, and chic silver kitchen appliances. Apartments are also easy to clean, organise and decorate long-term, allowing more time to enjoy your new space and its surroundings.

Social lifestyle

Meeting new people and building connections with neighbours is an enjoyable aspect of moving to a new location. Apartment developments are naturally social spaces, due to the elements of communal living. These come in the form of shared workspaces, and communal interior and exterior spaces, such as outside seating and dining areas, which offer options for socialising with  your fellow residents, and offer a variety of environments for a change of scenery on your doorstep.

Health benefits

Many apartment spaces have convenient on-site gyms, which help to remove barriers to exercise such as commuting time and transport issues. Proximity to nature and local walking spots is also a benefit, and The Yacht Club encompasses both an on-site gym, and local nature spots nearby including as Holme Pierrepont and Trent Bridge embankment for long outdoor walks, alongside waterside activities on the Trent including kayaking, canoeing and paddleboarding.