Macildowie hosts 'Funding for Growth' event helping business leaders achieve growth ambitions in 2023 and beyond

Leading Midlands recruitment and retention agency, Macildowie is partnering with Tim Davis from the London Stock Exchange to host its ‘Funding for Growth’ event, sharing insights and expertise for businesses looking to expand.

An unmissable event for business owners, founders, CEOs, COOs, managing directors and finance directors, the online panel will take place on Wednesday 15 February, offering attendees the chance to hear from prominent business leaders and industry experts.

Commenting on the event, James Taylor, CEO of Macildowie said:

“At Macildowie, we speak with hundreds of business leaders every single week, there’s a recurring theme amongst many of them - growth and opportunity.

“The two main limiting factors for any business looking to achieve ‘high growth’ are cash flow and quality of leadership. If business leaders, in the Midlands and beyond, are looking to scale their business and build a highly talented team, whilst also seeking means of investment to ensure sustainable growth, this is a must-attend event.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring some of the best brains in the business together to share expertise, experience, and their tips on how best to raise the funding required to achieve sustainable growth. This is set to be a fantastic event and I know all attendees will walk away with a great sense of opportunity, plus a new found energy for the future of their businesses.”

Taking place between 10:00 and 12:30, guest speakers include London Stock Exchange’s Tim Davis, BGF’s Seb Saywood, HSBC UK’s Liz Fuge, and former finance director of Purplebricks Group PLC, now Portfolio CFO Matthew Farrow.

Providing just a taster of what she will be speaking about during the event, Liz Fuge, Deputy Head of Corporate Banking HSBC UK, said:

“The most important thing for any business looking to expand, regardless of the starting size of the company, is defining the vision. By looking ahead to the future, and setting key targets for the next five years, business leaders can start to build a solid strategy for success. With the correct management team in place, an ideology can soon become reality.

“At HSBC UK we’re passionate about supporting business and enabling those who are driven by betterment to succeed in doing so. I very much look forward to being a part of Macildowie’s Funding for Growth event and I hope the decision makers of companies across the country make the most of this fantastic opportunity.”

Set to speak about BGF and the importance of choosing an investor carefully, Investor, Seb Saywood said:

“Finding the right investors is crucial for businesses, particularly SMEs, as investors provide so much more than funding - it’s a partnership that should support and develop your company's ambitions and outcomes. As part of next week’s event, I’ll look at equity funding as an option for privately owned businesses, how BGF is different from other types of investors and how we can add value in addition to providing capital.”

During the event Tim Davis,  London Stock Exchange Primary Markets Regional Head, will shed some light on IPOs (initial public offering) and public listings. Commenting on this he said:  
“A public listing is a facility for the right companies to both sell existing shares into the market, but also to raise new growth capital for the company. As an IPO isn’t suitable for every business, there are a number of myths around them - which stop many businesses from exploring this option when, in reality, it could be a great fit for them.

“Ultimately growing a company is all about the people - it’s the ambitions and the curiosity of the business leaders that carries a company onwards and upwards. By exploring all the options and heeding the advice of those who have walked the walk before you, today’s business leaders are in the best position to thrive.”

Macildowie’s Funding for Growth will take place between 10:00 and 12:30 on Wednesday 15 February and will be held on Zoom as a free event.

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