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Popular Peterborough Artist Chris Abrams Exhibits at “Made in 2022”

Peterborough-based artist enters abstract oil painting "The Search" to Peterborough Cathedral Exhibition

Peterborough artist Chris Abrams is exhibiting his latest work at the “Made in 2022” exhibition at Peterborough Cathedral, which runs up until 2nd March.

The exhibition aims to celebrate 2022 and focus on the positive experiences in a year that was a very difficult time for many of us all over the world. The exhibition, which was open to artists of all kinds, is currently showcasing more than 300 diverse pieces from sculptures to paintings.

When asked why Chris had decided to exhibit his latest work known as The Search, he had this to say, “I wanted to share what I do, what my experience of 2022 felt like, and that it wasn't all doom and gloom.”

Chris continues, “there was some good to come out of all that bad. I also wanted to engage with other local people, artists and viewers of art alike.”

Chris, who is most known for his landscape and nature paintings decided to do something different when creating The Search, commenting “I have entered one of my larger oil paintings, The Search is more of an abstract piece than I usually do, a strong composition that will hopefully swirl the imagination of the audience.”

“I hope to connect with the general public, the people of Peterborough, and bring some interest and intrigue around the work I do, and if it can start a conversation then that’s great.”

“I’d also like to showcase more of what I do, although I’m known more for my nature and landscape paintings; this was a great opportunity for me to push myself out of my comfort zone.” Concludes Chris.