What Is Call Monitoring?

Call Quality monitoring is basically an effective tool for supervisors or quality control to keep a check on agents’ performance. By doing so, the supervisors can help their agents understand their weaknesses and train them further. Trained agents are essential for a successful customer strategy and to maintain a high standard, the agents must get the correct support and training. So, how can you be really sure if your agent is ready to take on your customers? Simply, monitor them through call monitoring and you will be able to collect useful data. In this article, we will talk about different call monitoring techniques, their benefits, and how to make the most of this call quality assurance method.

Call Quality Monitoring

Call monitoring is the process of listening to calls in order to enhance customer service. This particular role is usually taken up by call centre supervisors or managers who are a part of quality assurance. Improving phone answering service standards is essential for any quality assurance team. They listen to live or recorded calls to assess the quality of customer service. Other than that, it also helps supervisors to pinpoint agents’ training needs. Call monitoring is the best way to know your pain points, strengths and ways to make things better. 

Call Quality Monitoring Best Practices

Call monitoring has many advantages for supervisors, managersagents, customers and the entire company

It can help identify problems quickly and proficiently

It can seamlessly assess compliance issues

Helps your managers know who to train more

Identifies opportunities for improvement

Gives a detailed analysis of customer frustrations

It identifies inefficient procedures.

Call Monitoring Benefits For Agents

Call monitoring can majorly help the performance of your agents as it can used to monitor their calls, how they interact with customers and if they follow the script correctly or not. This in turn helps the agents gain an insight on his/her weaknesses and improvise.

Call Monitoring Benefits For Customers

Call quality monitoring can give your customers a world-class customer experience. With an effective call monitoring system in place, you will witness a drop in the number of unhappy clients. Happy customers are essential for any successful business as they are the ones who make your reputation.

Call Monitoring Benefits For Your Business

There are several benefits of call monitoring for your business and we have listed them below:

  1. Consistent excellent customer service
  2. Reduced employee turnover. Your employees will be happy to get training sessions to enhance their skills.
  3. Customer loyalty is guaranteed
  4. The third point naturally means a drastic increase in sales and service performance for your business.

Methods of Monitoring Customer Service-Call Monitoring Software

Most call monitoring systems use different call centre quality monitoring software that are usually included in cloud-based solutions. This helps you improve and streamline call monitoring through several powerful tools. A professional call monitoring tool allows you to do more than just listen to calls. We have mentioned a few key features of this system. By prioritizing call monitoring and using the insights gained from it, customer obsessed companies can build stronger relationships with their customers and provide better overall experiences.


This feature allows you to discreetly listen to an agent’s conversations. It’s usually used so supervisors can take notes and provide feedback, or even assess the company’s customer service quality.


A powerful tool designed to be used during agents’ training period. Call whisper is a powerful tool as it allows supervisors to speak directly to the agent during a conversation with the customer. It also allows supervisors to give tips and guidance to agents and thus increasing first-call resolution.

Call Barging

When agents are having a hard time on a phone call with customers, call barging enables the supervisor to drop in on live calls to speak with both the caller and the agent.

Call Recording

This method is used mainly for training purposes. It’s also used to make a retroactive analysis of the call centre’s call quality.


Each customer interaction matters when it comes to providing an amazing customer experience. Therefore, it is a must to keep agents engaged and under observation in order to improve your company’s customer experience. By choosing call monitoring, it can be an effective tool to improve engagement, customer satisfaction while reducing costs and increasing efficiency of your business.