International freight forwarding company becomes largest customer to use pioneering software

International freight forwarding company, Uniexpress has become the largest customer of an innovative technology platform that has been designed to help cut costs and improve efficiencies.

Software specialist, Forward Solutions, is helping companies like Uniexpress, look to the future with its latest software release, Forward Vision.

The software allows freight management companies to closely track the real-time progress of customer shipments, whether in the air, on the road or across the sea.

Michael Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive Officer of Uniexpress, said: “Forward Vision has directly led to us gaining new customers. Before, some of our potential customers with whom we wanted to build a partnership would not have considered joining us without a live tracking system.

“Now, we’re in the process of rolling Forward Vision out to more of our customers, as we continue to adapt and invest in new software – live tracking, specifically, is something that many companies deem mandatory.”

The software is being taken on by more and more customers of Forward Solutions, as many freight businesses look to improve the technology that helps run their multi-million pound operations.

A recent report from multinational professional services giant, KPMG found that in 2023, freight organisations will be looking to accelerate investment in technology, as part of strategies designed to mitigate growing concerns over economic stagnation and worldwide inflationary pressures.

The need for clearer end-to-end supply chain analytics that bespoke specialist software provides, means that freight management companies can make better-informed decisions.

Forward Vision continues to be refined, based upon customer feedback, to become a one-stop shop for customers who require in-depth statistics to help keep consignments on track.

Tom Donnelly, Product Specialist at Forward Solutions, is one of the leading minds behind Forward Vision. Having helped to create the platform, he is now involved in its management and expansion. He’s keen to spell out its virtues to companies looking to save time and money in 2023.

Tom said: “Ever since its first release, Forward Vision has been well received by our customers. It enables its users to totally transform how they keep track of shipments, no matter the format or wherever they are in the world. It really nails consignment tracking and online bookings, making it easier than ever for organisations to operate.

“One of the biggest positives of Forward Vision, is that it can be fully tailored to suit the needs of a customer. This keeps it a streamlined piece of software, that include as much, or as little, as needed on a customer-by-customer basis. We work extensively with our customers throughout the onboarding process to cover any eventualities that may arise in the day-to-day operations of their business.”

Freight companies have seen costs skyrocket across the last 12 months, due to issues such as the long-lasting effects of Brexit, COVID-19 and the Ukrainian war affecting logistics operations around the world.

And UK-based organisations have had the ongoing headache of the protracted plans HMRC put in place to switch its import/export system from Customs Handling Import and Export (CHIEF) to Customs Declarations Service (CDS).

This has all contributed towards growing uncertainty in the sector. Richard Litchfield, Managing Director of Forward Solutions, is keen to point out the benefits of technology: “As KPMG’s recent report states, technology investment should not be the first to go in times of economic difficulty.

“No, the opposite is true: technology investment in the supply chain can provide in-depth analytics that help organisations to make better-informed decisions and maintain operational stability.

“Upskilling members of staff in their use of technology and software such as Forward Vision, helps not only the individual’s own personal growth and development, but the skillset of the organisation.”

Michael Fitzpatrick added: “We have worked with Forward Solutions for 20 years and we like that they’re really committed to investing and developing their software, to make sure everything is as up to date and efficient as possible.”

Forward Solutions is part of the Freight Software Group, alongside BoxTop Technologies. The duo will share an eye-catching stand, number 2070, at the forthcoming Multimodal exhibition, held between 13-15 June at the NEC, Birmingham. Together the two companies have a portfolio of over 300 customers.