Grena_Wiesław Brodaczewski, CEO on the right, and Andrzej Decewicz - on the left 2 copy

Nottingham medtech specialist Grena wins Red Dot Design Award

International medical device specialist Grena has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its polymer ligating clip Click’aV Plus™ with judges citing the product’s ergonomic design, user friendly nature and safety features amongst the reasons for the award. 

The judges of the internationally recognised awards also commended the product for its significant contribution to waste reduction and cost savings for hospitals during medical procedures.

Family-owned Grena, which is headquartered in Nottingham, UK has over 35 years’ experience in the market, successfully developing and producing medical instruments that support surgeon comfort and improve patient safety. 

The now award-winning Click'aV Plus™ surgical clip features innovative micro teeth, which guarantee the clip's stability during surgery even under high blood pressure, and is the largest size available on the market, allowing even large tissue structures to be closed during surgery. The patented design also ensures the clip can be used for both open and endoscopic surgery.

Konrad Brodaczewski, Vice-President of Grena said: “Winning the Red Dot Design Award is confirmation that what we do works and has been recognised not only by doctors but also by design experts. We compare our Click'aV Plus™ to ‘ABS’ in your car – it works as usual in an everyday setting but saves lives in difficult cases, and we are all immensely proud that this innovative product is the recipient of a Red Dot Award. 

“When developing our medical devices we look not only at the product but first and foremost at the human being – both the doctor and patient. We skilfully combine ergonomics with a design that guarantees comfort for the surgeon and safety for the patient and are constantly looking for the most environmentally friendly solutions. 

“By focusing on evolution, not revolution, we can meet the needs of specialists and consistently improve equipment that helps save lives.”

Dr Andrzej Decewicz, Co founder of Grena's flagship products, said: “At first glance, it might seem that design does not play a role when it comes to medical equipment. However, it matters a great deal because people feel better when surrounded by beautiful products. This also applies to medical staff and patients. Placing them in an environment full of well-designed objects helps to improve their wellbeing. 

“Good design means great ergonomics. Instruments used by medical staff must support the treatment of patients and guarantee maximum comfort and convenience for medics. The better the ergonomics of medical devices, the smoother and safer medical procedures will be.”