BN - SGB-750 - Ashley Washington outside a brand new Barratt home currently under construction (small)


Ahead of Armed Forces Day (24th June), Barratt Homes is celebrating a former soldier from the Royal Anglian Infantry Regiment who is building a new career in housebuilding with a programme specifically developed for training ex-military personnel.


Ashley Washington (35) now works as a Trainee Assistant Site Manager for Barratt Homes at its Fairfields development in Milton Keynes, and is transferring the skills he has developed in the Forces to succeed in the industry.


The ex-Lance Corporal served in the Army for five years and was attracted to this new role after hearing positive accounts from another service-person who had made the transition themselves.


Ashley said: “A friend of mine came through on the same programme and fully recommended it. I have previous experience in construction, so very excited to get an opportunity to work for the biggest five star homebuilder in the country.


“Having the ability to work to strict deadlines and manage my workload has enabled me to hit the ground running at Barratt Homes.


“Career progression and stability are very important to me, which Barratt Homes fully understands and strives to provide. Every day brings a new challenge the team has to face but we overcome it together, which is very much like the military.


“Giving a customer a new home tour and seeing how excited they are to move into the new home we have built for them fills me with joy, and I highly recommend the scheme to anyone looking for a fulfilling career after the military.” 


The Armed Forces Transition Programme provides all the training and support required to work towards becoming a qualified Assistant Site Manager in approximately 12 months. It uses skills formerly gathered in the Armed Forces which can apply to construction, making it a comfortable transition for ex-servicemen and women.


Simon Francis, Managing Director at Barratt Homes Northampton, said: “The Armed Forces Transition Programme is extremely important in giving career opportunities to former Armed Forces personnel.


“As Ashley is proving, the skills ex-servicepeople hold provide a great foundation to help them become exceptional Site Managers due to the fast-paced roles and responsibilities involved.


“It’s great to hear that Ashley is settling into his role well and is able to apply the excellent skills he learnt during his service to the day-to-day tasks of being out onsite. We wish him the best of luck in his career.”


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