Peterborough Business Founder Celebrates Incredible Year

SRK Serviced Accommodation Founder Shelina Ratansi Has Enjoyed a Fantastic Year

Peterborough-based hospitality business SRK Serviced Accommodation has enjoyed fantastic success in the past few years, and their founder Shelina Ratansi has been working towards some of her own individual accolades too.

Founded in 2019 the business started with just a single property, just four years later the business now operates and manages six apartments and a house in Peterborough. 

“Initially we began with just the single property in Peterborough, but as the positive reviews and good comments continued, this gave me the confidence to grow the business, and we now let seven luxury properties around Peterborough.” Says Shelina.

Shelina worked within the retail sector for over twenty five years, which is where she honed her skills and attention to detail when it came to working with customers and ensuring only the very best service. 

“My skills in customer service and a keen eye for the finer details matched perfectly with my love of interior design, so it felt as though the hospitality industry would be the ideal choice for me.” Says Shelina.

“This business has really enabled me the freedom and opportunity to put into practice my real passions, which is why I put so much time and thought into the design and interior of each and everyone of the properties that we let out to customers.”

Although SRK Serviced Accommodation is very much a family run business, Shelina’s hard work and dedication has also led to several individual accolades of her own. 

In the past year alone, Shelina co-authored the book “Embracing Me” which launched in March 2023, which opens up on her journey and the obstacles that face female entrepreneurs.

Shelina was also nominated for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022 and became a finalist at the Peterborough Small Business Awards for Customer Care 2023.