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Radius Systems Partners with Axil Integrated Services to Achieve Sustainability Goals Through Total Waste Management


  • UK plastic pipeline manufacturer has announced a new partnership with total waste management experts, Axil Integrated Services (Axil)
  • Axil will help Radius Systems to reduce its carbon footprint, lower costs, and achieve zero waste to landfill through a series of waste innovations
  • By implementing its HazPod™ hazardous waste management solution, Axil will improve recycling segregation and provide bespoke waste reports to support Radius Systems


East Midlands, June 2023Radius Systems, innovative plastic pipeline solutions UK-based manufacturer, today announces a new total waste management partnership with Axil Integrated Services (Axil) to manage its recycling and production waste.


Radius Systems is a manufacturer of innovative polyethylene pipe and fittings and has been producing plastic pipeline solutions for the gas, water, energy and power, district heating and telecoms sectors for more than fifty years. As an expert in waste management, Axil provides pioneering sustainable waste management services, including bespoke waste reports and data, a new storage system for hazardous waste, an upgraded waste handling system and improved recycling segregation.


Through this new partnership, Axil will actively work alongside Radius Systems to reduce its carbon footprint, maximise its recycling and support its goal to achieve zero waste to landfill. Axil will provide access to a bespoke waste portal that will create cradle to grave waste reports and provide data, including Scope 3, which enables the business to reduce waste and manage compliance.


As part of this project, Axil is implementing its HazPod™ solution which limits repacking of hazardous waste, lowering health and safety risks and reducing vehicle movements, lowering carbon impact. Axil will also overhaul the recycling segregation process, by providing visual prompts and staff education. This will increase recycling across the manufacturing process and reduce disposal costs for Radius.


Improving its use of technology in waste management, Axil is supporting Radius Systems to reduce waste transport movements and costs, maximising returns on commodity materials, and minimising its carbon footprint.


Commenting on the partnership, Edward Pigg, Managing Director at Axil Integrated Services, said:


“We are excited to begin working alongside the team at Radius Systems, helping them to manage their waste, increase recycling, and achieve zero waste to landfill. The complex and hazardous waste processes of large manufacturers in the UK require a considered approach to total waste management, and, as experts in this area, we are proud to be able to help the team at Radius achieve their goals.”


Ashley Love, Environment Officer at Radius Systems said: “As British manufacturers, it is important that we think carefully about our production waste. As such, we are glad to partner with Axil to manage waste proactively and sustainably across our sites. In taking a holistic approach to waste management, we are reducing our carbon footprint, diverting waste from entering landfill, and reducing our business costs.”



About Axil Integrated Services:

Axil Integrated Services are experts in total waste management, re-engineering waste to reduce costs and improve environmental performance. Providing solutions from recycling to recovery, treatment, and disposal, Axil manage all materials, specialising in hazardous and difficult-to-handle waste.


Axil is one of the fastest growing waste management companies, with £20 million revenue growth since 2018.

Working with some of the UK’s best-known brands, Axil offers waste management services to a range of industry sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical.


Helping companies to drive costs from their business and reduce their waste footprint, Axil offers advice on waste compliance and supports companies on their journey to Net Zero.


For more information, visit www.axil-is.com



About Radius Systems


Radius Systems has developed and manufactured innovative plastic pipeline solutions for the gas industry for over 50 years, and these solutions are now commonly used in the water, wastewater, energy and power, district heating and telecoms sectors. 


Radius Systems works closely with customers to develop tailored solutions to meet the demanding needs of today’s construction and utility industries, with safety and quality at the top of their priorities to deliver products for today and tomorrow’s pipeline challenges.



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