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Health tech partnership launches, charting impact of dietary intervention on people battling Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Plasma by Medichecks and Hashiona join forces to help those with condition that destroys the thyroid gland

The life-changing impact of a specialised diet to ease symptoms and help people in the UK manage Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is behind a new partnership between two innovative health firms.

Hashiona – a Hashimoto's thyroiditis management app - has commissioned newly-launched blood testing platform Plasma by Medichecks, as part of a mission to demonstrate the efficacy of its proprietary nutrition plan.

Customers who follow the diet exclude lactose, gluten, sugar, soy and highly processed foods, focusing on nutrient-dense options packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.

This is accompanied by a non-pharmaceutical approach to managing the condition, delivering a better quality of life for those living with it.

Plasma by Medichecks supplies three blood tests to customers at home every six weeks, with results available in an online portal, mapping key biomarkers to track the progress of the dietary interventions.

Eva Galant founded Hashiona after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in her mid-twenties. She knows only too well the impact of the condition, taking a six-month career break to educate herself on solutions, changing her lifestyle and diet and eventually going into remission.

“When my symptoms were so bad I couldn’t function normally,” she says. “I went for tests and found that out of 45 Hashimoto’s symptoms, I had 32 of them. I was devastated. On my journey I used a lot of tools that failed to meet my expectations, and that’s why I created Hashiona.”

The mobile app helps others achieve remission in as little as 20 weeks, with a recent research study designed to prove the approach works.

She adds: “We’re now on our second trial with females aged 25 to 45 diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, after our first 2022 study revealed a 78% increase in quality of life for those with this debilitating condition, alongside a 1.3kg average drop in body mass, and a 1.7cm decrease in waist circumference.

“Crucially, the participants also reported reductions in nervousness and tension, plus improvements in mental wellbeing and mood swings, which is all very promising.

“We're testing thyroid biomarkers, with an emphasis on antibodies, because our aim is to demonstrate that the right dietary intervention lowers inflammation in the body among Hashimoto's patients. We believe that a specialised diet and holistic approach can offer a lifeline for those with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.”

Helen Marsden, co-founder and director of Plasma by Medichecks, which is head-officed in Bingham, adds: “This is a good example of where our Plasma platform can help, offering Hashiona a trusted diagnostics partner to deliver remote blood testing to its customers, in order to reliably monitor how the body is reacting to a specialised diet.

“We are providing six weekly tracking of biomarkers, distributing hundreds of our CE-marked Thyroid Function and Advanced Thyroid Function kits, across the UK.”

The tests give a comprehensive review of thyroid health, monitoring levels of antibodies, thyroid hormones such as TSH, Free T3 and Free thyroxine, alongside vitamins (folate, B12 and vitamin D) plus iron status and inflammation (C-Reactive Protein).

Launched earlier this year, Plasma is the latest innovation in hassle-free blood testing, with customisable packages that can be rolled out quickly. Its diagnostics-as-a-service solution is available to organisations spanning NHS providers and GPs to pharmacies, nutritionists and digital health companies.

Partners can select from a ready-made catalogue of around 100 tests, or tests can be tailor-made to requirement. Users can also access over 200 nationwide partner phlebotomy clinics, if needed, while receiving verified results from the brand’s network of accredited laboratories.

The platform builds upon Medichecks’ 20-plus years of medical and tech know-how in remote blood testing, and can deliver finger prick or venous tests, together with co-branded test kits and user communications, for a seamless experience. 

To find out more about Plasma by Medichecks visit: https://plasma.medichecks.io/solutions