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Midlands HR firm launches new partnership service

Leading Midlands HR company, Breedon Consulting, has launched a new service to connect clients with trusted business solutions, transforming how they meet wider business needs.

Leicestershire-based Breedon has curated a select group of trusted professionals who they can confidently recommend to their own clients for various additional services, saving them time and money venturing into new markets with often little knowledge of the industry. The collaboration takes client support and people services to new levels and creates a holistic approach to collaborative business success.

In today's dynamic business landscape, businesses face numerous challenges when seeking external partners for critical functions. The approach of sourcing services through an online search can be time-consuming, costly, and fraught with uncertainty. Breedon recognises this and is now streamlining the process for clients.

The partnerships service allows clients to access a wide range of services, including recruitment, wellbeing, health & safety, payroll, and legal support, from an extensive network of trusted partners.

By offering a comprehensive suite of providers, Breedon aims to save time and resource for its clients, enabling them to focus on core operations.

Nicki Robson, managing director at Breedon Consulting, said: "We are always looking at ways to assist our clients and add value to their businesses. After numerous conversations with clients who were frustrated with sourcing trusted partners, and undertaking market research, we launched our new partnerships service. Our aim is to simplify and optimise the process of sourcing essential services and provide our clients with trusted partners who are mutually aligned.

“We have established a long-standing presence in the Leicestershire business community, fostering valuable connections and relationships with companies that we not only recommend but also rely on ourselves. Recognising the immense value in sharing this information with our clients, we seized the opportunity to enhance their experience further.”

The partnership service aims to connect clients with the right professional partner – not only in terms of services provided – but also sharing core values and standards.