Cyclists Allan Coe (left) and Jamie Snarski (right)

Chesterfield resident Jamie Snarski to take on John O'Groat's to Land's End cycle for Parkinson's

Jamie Snarski from Chesterfield, along with Allan Coe from Sussex, will set off on Monday 7th August to take on the 1,000 or so mile cycle from John O’Groats in Scotland’s to Land’s End in Cornwall. The duo are part of the Positively Parkinson’s team, who are raising money for research charity Cure Parkinson’s.


This event is the second leg of the Positively Parkinson’s team’s ‘Big Tri’ challenge, which consists of a swim, bike and hike. A few weeks ago, the team faced a real life challenge with the relay swim circumnavigating the Isle of Wight. Shortly after the start of the relay swim the accompanying support vessel, operated by a contracted company, was involved in a collision causing the boat to take on water. Thankfully all of those onboard were rescued and returned safely to shore. We are truly grateful for the speedy action of the RNLI from Yarmouth and for the two boats that were on standby to help after hearing the emergency call. For the swim, the team are even more determined to succeed and will announce future plans on the challenge at a later date.



Meanwhile the Positively Parkinson’s baton has now been passed to the dynamic duo of Jamie Snarski and Allan Coe. They will be joined by various cyclists along their way from Scotland to Cornwall.


Allan, who lives with Parkinson’s, and Jamie are both tackling all three of the Big Tri disciplines, although initially Jamie didn’t intend to take part in all three events:


“My passion for swimming, cycling, running and design led to my involvement in creating the marketing materials for the Big Tri 2023 campaign. I asked to be included in one of the events, and before I knew it, I was signed up for all three!”


Jamie continued:

“Four years ago, I started doing events for charities and have since strived to do at least one big event every year for a different charity.


“As someone who always looks for opportunities to give back, I am supporting Positively Parkinson’s this year. Seeing how the disease is affecting a member of our local running club, I believe supporting such an amazing charity and raising awareness is a no-brainer.”


WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?  Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world. In the UK every hour two people are told they have Parkinson’s and it is predicted that 1 person in 37 will experience a diagnosis of Parkinson’s in their lifetime. Currently in this country around 145,000 people are living with the condition. Originally considered to be an older persons condition the number of people affected by young onset Parkinson’s is increasing. Each person diagnosed with Parkinson’s has a different combination of symptoms and side effects which makes it more of a condition than a disease.


THE REASON WE ARE DOING THIS - is that a large percentage of the public are unaware of what Parkinson’s is and does - and they need to be. That is why events like the BIG TRI 2023 - SWIM, BIKE, HIKE are so important for raising awareness and funds.  A very big thank you goes to the incredible team of tireless, kind and enthusiastic individuals who are making this all possible and thank you to all the supporters who have made a donation, or are about to!



Join us in the Big Tri Challenge to raise awareness and funds for Cure Parkinson’s. Why not create your own event this year, organising a challenge based on any or all of the three activities. The distance and timeframe is completely up to you and you will be joining a fantastic Positive Community coming together to raise awareness of Parkinson’s and funds for curative research.


SWIM - Pool, Open Water, Sea or even Learn to Swim

You could take on a challenge at your local pool or swim open water. Not currently a swimmer? Why not get sponsorships to learn to swim a set distance over the coming months.


BIKE - John O’Groats to Land’s End by Bike - August 2023

Recreational, Keep Fit or Competitive - Whether taking on a challenge in a spinning class or cycling a set distance solo or in a group, there are plenty of ways to get involved.


Allan and Jamie’s aim is to complete the ride in less than two weeks so please come and cheer them along if their route is near you.


Monday 7 August          John O’Groats to Tongue            64 miles/102Km

Tuesday 8 August          Tongue to Alness                        64 miles/102km

Wednesday 9 August    Alness to Aviemore                     66 miles/106Km

Thursday 10 August       Aviemore to Pitlochry                60 miles/96Km

Friday11 August            Pitlochry to Balloch                     92 miles/147Km

Saturday 12 August      Balloch to Moffat                       83 miles/133Km

Sunday 13 August         Moffat to Penrith                       70 miles/112Km

Monday 14 August        Penrith to Garstang                   70 miles/112Km

Tuesday 15 August        Garstang to Nantwich                85 miles/136Km

Wednesday 16 August  Nantwich to Worcester               83 miles/134Km

Thursday 17 August       Worcester to Clevedon             91 miles/146Km

Friday 18 August           Clevedon to Crediton                 86 miles/138Km

Saturday 19 August       Crediton to Fowey                     65 miles/105Km

Sunday 20 August         Land’s End & finish                    65 miles/105Km


HIKE - The Big Hike - September 2023

The Positively Parkinson’s group have organised a Mount Snowdon hike and they are welcoming anyone who would like to join them in taking on the mountain. There are various hiking routes depending on fitness and ability to ascend up to the summit, where the aim is to get all the climbers together in a group at the top which is where the challenge will finish. Or, why not take on your own walking or hiking challenge in a location of your choice?


Helen Matthews, CEO of Cure Parkinson's said:

“The Positively Parkinson's team are simply inspirational. Their determination and dedication to raising funds and awareness is incredible, and they have really created a community to support people living with the condition. We are so grateful to the entire team for their efforts to help find the cure for Parkinson's that is so urgently needed.”


To support the team, please visit:


To find out more about the team or to join the Positively Parkinson's community in creating your own Big Tri or fundraising challenge please visit: