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‘Not all quotes are created equal’: Power and Control is educating customers on how to be #SolarSavvy when shopping around for renewable energy

Derby-based electrical services supplier, Power and Control, is urging customers to educate themselves on what to look for when comparing quotes for Solar PV installations.

The company is concerned homeowners are ending up with inadequate installations due to lack of information and is offering its own procedure as a guide to help them spot a ‘cut and paste’ approach, leaving them confident their individual property and household’s needs are being identified.

Dan Kelly, Managing Director at Power and Control, feels the quotes he sees across the renewable energy sector are largely far too generalised, and should instead work with each installation on a case-by-case basis. He says companies will often prioritise offering a lower, more appealing price at the quote stage, rather than presenting a system that will meet or exceed homeowner’s expectations of a Solar PV installation.

“We don’t work that way,” says Dan. “We pride ourselves on delivering a service that takes our customers’ individual lifestyles and requirements into account and adapts their homes to meet those exact needs. We’re also here to help guide customers through what can be a difficult and laborious process.”

Power and Control’s top tips for being #SolarSavvy when shopping around for renewable energy include four key things:

  1. Know your shade
    In areas where shade or obstructions can be an issue, you need power optimisers or another piece of kit that prevents your system from generating less power.
  2. Look for hidden costs
    Many Solar PV quotes do not include batteries and storage, which can be a nasty surprise at the end of your installation. A full breakdown of parts and warranties should be displayed on all quotations as per MCS guidelines.
  3. Be an informed shopper

Make sure each company you approach can match power output like-for-like. That way you can ensure you’re comparing quotes effectively, and the solar PV system as a whole.

  1. Accreditations

Ensure the contractor you choose has the correct accreditations, for example, MCS, HEIS, NICEIC and Trustmark. Check them on the Accreditors’ website and this should give a reference number.

To find out more about Power and Control’s Solar PV systems and other energy-related services, visit https://pac-electrical.co.uk/ or call 01332 552320