GMI-Bleed Kit press shot 40#

GMI leads the way in community safety with implementation of bleed kits across UK city centre projects

GMI Construction Group has become one of the first construction companies in the UK to implement bleed kits across select city centre projects.

In partnership with the Daniel Baird Foundation Charity, GMI has taken a proactive stance to enhance public safety by installing bleed kits at select city centre sites in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and York. The kits will improve the survival chances of those who have been stabbed or suffered other traumatic injuries. This highlights GMI's dedication to responsible business practices and its aim to make a positive impact on the communities it serves.

The Daniel Baird Foundation Charity was founded in memory of the 26-year-old who tragically lost his life to a stabbing incident outside a Birmingham pub on July 8th, 2017. Daniel's death was a result of the unavailability of essential first aid and bleeding control equipment at the scene. In response, his mother established the Foundation to prevent such tragedies and ensure that public-accessible bleed kits are readily available.

The bleed kits contain vital pieces of life-saving equipment such as gauze, tourniquets, trauma bandages and chest seals which can help stem a serious bleed prior to the arrival of emergency services.

GMI’s first bleed kit was installed on Bendix Street in Manchester, with the second installation completed at Dogpool Lane in Birmingham. These kits are affixed to external hoardings, mirroring the accessibility of defibrillators. In case of emergency, members of the public can contact the emergency services, who will provide a code to unlock the box to access the life-saving equipment.

The commitment to this initiative extends beyond the first two installations. GMI has installed bleed kits on projects, including No.3 Circle Square in Manchester, the Hyatt Hotel in Leeds, and James Street in York and with plans to install on sites in the North East.

Claire Preston, Head of Responsible Business at GMI Construction, said: “In the construction industry, safety is paramount, and at GMI, we're committed to going above and beyond. Our partnership with the Daniel Baird Foundation Charity and the implementation of bleed kits reflects our dedication to making a positive contribution to the communities where we are working.

“For the cost of a kit, a life could be saved. We are dedicated to making our city centres safer places for everyone, and this is a crucial step in that direction.”

Lynne Baird MBE from the Daniel Baird Foundation Charity said: “We firmly believes that publicly accessible bleed kits are essential tools for providing immediate first aid to control bleeding until professional medical assistance arrives. The modest cost of a bleed kit can mean the difference between life and death in critical situations.”

Jayne Hanson of Birmingham Council said: “Initiatives like this are massively important. It’s great not only for passers-by, but also for accidents on construction sites. If we could get more construction sites across the city adopting these measures, that would great for the city.”

Wasim Ali Police Commissioner for Birmingham said: “We endorse the work that GMI have done installing these bleed kits on site. GMI have taken a leading front on how to deal with issues like bleed kits. The bleed kits can be used not just by victims of knife crime but also on construction sites. To have these kits in place will mean we can save lives early on and prevent more fatalities where we can.”