Leicester charity helps shape national recruitment framework

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Employers are invited to assess themselves against nine new standards measuring the quality of their engagement with young job-seekers.

The Careers & Enterprise Company has developed its ‘Employer Standards’ framework as a method of improving engagement between young people and employers.

Each standard reflects a different aspect of the central role employers play in developing effective careers provision in schools and colleges.

Measures include providing opportunities for young people looking to embark on careers, building skills, and preparing young people for the application process.

More than 360 employers nationwide have already assessed themselves against the nine evidence-based standards. The results show:

Employers who promoted careers pathways were up to four times more likely to see an increase in the number of young people applying for apprenticeships.

Sectors, such as construction, with established systems for long-term engagement with young people were achieving more of the standards.

Employers were faring worst against the standard for preparing young people for application processes and interview.

Meeting with employers enables pupils and students to gain skills, build networks, and increase social capital – with disadvantaged young people benefiting most.

Such exchanges also benefit businesses, with CEC research finding that some

 link source - East Midlands Business Link General https://www.eastmidlandsbusinesslink.co.uk/mag/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/LLEP-CEC-employer-image.png

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