L-R_  Louise Evans, International Business Development Manager at NuVision Biotherapies with the Aksia Health team, including Ahmed Sallam, Managing Director

Nottingham-based tissue-therapy company expands into new markets

Nottingham-based NuVision Biotherapies Ltd, has expanded its global footprint and accessibility to specialist products in ophthalmology. 

The innovative tissue-therapy company, which is based in Nottingham’s MediCity campus and was founded on 15 years of translational research at the University of Nottingham, has expanded the accessibility of amniotic membrane products to ophthalmology specialists in the Middle East through its partnership with AKSIA Health.

 The partnership, originally established in 2020, aims to make NuVision’s amniotic membrane products easily accessible to ophthalmology specialists in the Middle East. Expanding into new territories will meet the clinical need for dehydrated amnion and increase the use of amnion earlier in the clinical pathway. Since the initial establishment of the partnership, AKSIA has had success in Kuwait public hospitals, securing tenders for Omnigen and OmniLenz®. 

The expansion into Saudi Arabia, which has the largest population in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region with 37 million people, ties in with Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s roadmap for economic diversification and global engagement. 

Dr Hussam Alrazqan, Ophthalmology Resident at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH), the highest ranking ophthalmology hospital in the GCC region, was awarded at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Congress in November 2023 for his work with Omnigen-OmniLenz®. Dr Alrazqan successfully applied the product after peeling a corneal subepithelial hypertrophic scar, which is typically a degeneration of the cornea associated with ocular surface disease and reduced vision.

Developed by NuVision, Omnigen is a dry and stable human amniotic membrane-derived material. Amniotic membrane can be used to aid the natural healing process in ophthalmic conditions and soft tissue-damage situations. OmniLenz® is a bandage contact lens that allows suture-free transplantation of Omnigen to the ocular surface in an ambulatory and outpatient setting.  

Commenting on the partnership and territory expansion, Andy Hill, CEO at NuVision Biotherapies, said: “We first met with KKESH back in June to understand the clinical need for our products in this region which quickly became apparent. The expansion presents an exciting opportunity to deliver solutions into a wider Middle Eastern market and work with healthcare professionals in new territories, which in turn will support our continued investment in our Nottingham base. The expansion of our relationship with AKSIA into Saudi Arabia emphasises the success of our partnership, and we’re looking forward to building on the partnership and meeting the clinical need for our products in territories across the Middle East.”

Ahmed Sallam, Managing Director at AKSIA Health, added: “"As AKSIA Health Care FZC, we are proud to play a crucial role in expanding the reach of NuVision Biotherapies into the dynamic healthcare landscape of Saudi Arabia. Our successful partnership, demonstrated by achievements in Kuwait public hospitals, reflects our commitment to advancing ophthalmology solutions across the Middle East. This expansion aligns with our dedication to supporting Vision 2030, contributing to the region's healthcare evolution. We look forward to further collaboration with NuVision and making a meaningful impact on ocular care in Saudi Arabia and beyond."

Located in Nottingham, NuVision Biotherapies is a tissue-therapy company that  develops and provides a selection of products and processes that pioneer therapies in ophthalmology. It was founded in 2015 following 15 years of translational research at the University of Nottingham. 

AKSIA is the preferred commercial partner of the multinational pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies in the MENA region. The experienced ophthalmology team at AKSIA enables NuVision to build the knowledge of eye care procedures and products, and experience of clinicians in the Middle East.

For more information about NuVision Biotherapies Ltd, please visit: https://www.nu-vision.co.uk

For more information about AKSIA Health, please visit: http://www.aksia-health.com