Andy Chandler, Managing Director at Barefoot Coaching

Castle Donington based coaching organisation shares five must-know tips to have a stress-free Christmas

A Castle Donington based coaching company has shared helpful tips on how to reduce stress during the Christmas Period.

It’s no secret that the festive season can be demanding and often lead to fatigue and burnout.

Combine that with the seemingly never-ending to-do list, and the holiday quickly becomes a test of endurance.

Now Barefoot Coaching has shared its top tips for navigating the Christmas chaos unscathed.

Take a look at these five tips to avoid the Christmas rat race and ensure the season is one filled with peace and calm, and most importantly low expense. 


Don’t take responsibility for everyone else’s enjoyment 

Planning in joy is a part of Christmas that often gets forgotten. How about making a Christmas bucket list of things that bring you happiness?

Barefoot advises considering what quick but effective activities can help you recharge and keep your spirits high over Christmas.

It’s also essential not to give too much on Christmas Day. Don’t promise to cook 25 different dishes for

for everyone's individual preferences.

Instead, delegate dishes to all your guests to bring with them and make it part of the fun. 

Make your own personal wellbeing list, check it twice and enjoy every second of the things that you like this festive season.



Prioritise movement  

Get up, get out and get moving. It’s easy to forget to hit pause, breathe and focus on movement over Christmas.

The run-up to the new year can leave you feeling sluggish, so it’s best to try and get moving for at least 15 minutes a day.

If you’re struggling for motivation, try to commit to exercise with friends or family to hold yourself accountable.

Simple exercises can make a huge difference when you’re feeling emotionally exhausted around the Christmas period. And the good news is, it can be easily slotted into the working day. 



Stop keeping up with the Jones’  

Do what feels good for you, not what you think you should be doing. At this time of year, it’s easy to look at what others are doing and put extra pressure on yourself to have the perfect Christmas, buy the perfect gifts or attend every event.

This is a moment to consider what’s really important to you and focus on that, not on keeping up with others - especially on social media where everything looks perfect.

Barefoot believes the secret to a calm Christmas is knowing your own core values and staying true to yourself. This not only helps you feel your best, but also takes the pressure off to perform for other people.


Messages of joy and hope 

Have you ever noticed that Christmas card messages tend to focus on emotions and feelings rather than tangible gifts or goods?

When you receive a card, you have the reassurance that this person has been thinking of you and has even taken the time to write a few lines to show they care.

Schedule 10-15 minutes a day to either reach out to a friend via phone or text or write a letter or card to someone you care about to let them know you’re thinking of them.

The small act of kindness will go a lot further than the box of shortbread you were originally going to buy them.


Know when to say no, it’s your Christmas too 

In the run-up to the big day, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed and wearing multiple hats, organising shopping, events, wrapping, kids, friends and family. 


Barefoot Coaching believes that feeling empowered to say no to the things that don't light you up is vital.

Don't want to go to your neighbour's festive drinks when they don't speak to you the rest of the year? Say no.

Don't want to run around picking up gifts for your siblings to give to your parents? Say no.  

Prioritising wellbeing is vital for a calm and stress-free Christmas.