Derbyshire IT firm signs ‘stratospheric’ deal

IT service provider True MSP has entered a partnership with global cloud solutions firm Pax8 that will change the face of IT service and support provision for SMEs. 

The deal will make Castle Donington-based True MSP one of the first in the UK with the capability of offering small and medium-sized businesses the ‘Triple Cloud’ package of Microsoft systems – Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics Business Central.  

It follows a game-changing development by Derby IT firm Bam Boom Cloud, which built a team and a process that could offer clients an affordable adoption of Microsoft’s Dynamics Business Central. 

Microsoft Business Central is an all-in-one cloud-based application for running a business’s entire operation, from accounting and stock control to sales, logistics and customer service. 

Following a move last year by Pax8 to purchase Bam Boom, the IT giant has now set up a partnership with True MSP, co-founded six years ago by Neil Shaw and Tim Rookes. 

The move is set to turn True MSP’s already phenomenal growth on a stratospheric course, as well as provide SMEs with a previously unattainable system for making their businesses far more efficient. 

Neil Shaw said: “This is huge for us. It’s a game-changer. Our growth projections for the next few years are crazy.   

“This kind of thing has simply not been available. Very few MSPs [Management Service Providers] around the world can offer the Triple Cloud in such a unique way.” 

Up until now, most SMEs have used multiple IT services to support their operations, including accounting packages like Sage alongside the other two Microsoft systems in the ‘Triple Cloud’, Microsoft Azure, and the more familiar Microsoft 365. 

Many IT service providers offer licensing and management services for Azure and 365, but very few, if any, offer all three, as Dynamics Business Central has been largely unaffordable to anyone but the largest SMEs. 

“Business Central is a huge, project-based beast,” said Neil. “Companies that use it will typically pay £100,000-plus for an implementation project. But now, thanks to the development and streamlining achieved initially by Bam Boom, any business can now buy into the package for just a few thousand pounds. 

“Significantly, working alongside Pax8, we can now make Business Central operational for any type of business within about seven days, rather than the 12-month installation and training programme that is typical.” 

The ongoing cost of Dynamics Business Central through True MSP could be as little as a few hundred pounds per month, depending on the number of people in a firm and the type of operation.  

The price would include True MSP’s renowned support service, with back-up support where needed from the team at Pax8, enabling True MSP to grow without facing problems caused by over-capacity or starting a Dynamics practice from scratch. 


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