East Midlands loses out on funding to protect against flooding

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In the wake of recent storms, councils across the East Midlands are calling for more funding to protect against flooding.

Following A National Audit Office report which confirms that the region is losing out on much-need funding to protect against flooding, East Midlands Councils (EMC), a body which represents local authorities across the region, is calling on the Government to update the model for investment in flood defences.

The NAO’s analysis of the Environment Agency’s investment programme confirms that the East Midlands receives almost the lowest level funding per property at risk at £3,227, despite large areas of the region being vulnerable to fluvial (river), surface water, and coastal flooding.

This compares unfavourably to North East which receives almost 4 times as much at £12,563 per property and the North West at £10,204.

Cllr Martin Hill, Chair of EMC, and leader of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “For many towns and villages in the East Midlands, it is becoming almost impossible to secure the necessary investment to protect homes and businesses.

“While proposed flood defence schemes in the East Midlands inevitably stall, we are seeing funding increasingly skewed to other parts of the country.

“East Midlands Councils have written to the Government highlighting

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