University of Nottingham spin-out company will develop rapid diagnostic kits for people with cystic fibrosis

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People with cystic fibrosis will be able to test themselves at home for a common bacterium that can lead to a dangerous infection, thanks to a new diagnostic kit developed by experts from the University of Nottingham.

The creation of a spin-out company, that will eventually manufacture the diagnostic kits, has been made possible thanks to the award of an Innovate UK-funded ICURe (Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research) Exploit grant, which has enabled the experts to turn their research into a market-ready business. This grant followed a successful Biofilms ICURe Sprint grant in partnership with the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC).

ICURe is a programme of market discovery whereby early career researchers can establish if there is a commercial market for their research, science, or technology. It essentially offers them time ‘out of the lab’ to speak to potential customers, partners, and investors to validate the commercial potential of their innovation.

At the end of this process, a panel known as the ‘options roundabout’ will recommend the best commercialisation pathway – that could include carrying out further research, exploring licensing opportunities or seeking funding for spinning out the business.

The University spin-out company, called MiDx Ltd, will be headed

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