Bristol farm turns 400-year-old farmhouse into luxury holiday let

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A sixth-generation family farmer from Bristol has turned his 400-year-old farmhouse into a luxury holiday let after securing £100,000 in funding.

George Ford’s family farming business, Nempnett Pastures, was home to an indoor pig rearing unit until February last year. While this was a source of profit, the system never lived up to the farmer's "high-welfare ethos and principles".

Mr Ford and his team decided to explore new ways of attracting people to the farm rather than modernising the sheds and intensifying its pig-rearing operation. The impact on the farm's fortunes has been immediate, he said, with turnover increasing by £60,000 in it’s first six months of operation.

He said: “When we made the choice last year to discontinue our intensive indoor pig unit in favour of higher welfare

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