Have we become too obsessed about the use of technology in our businesses? By James Pinchbeck, partner at Streets Chartered Accountants

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James Pinchbeck, partner at Streets Chartered Accountants, reflects on the “frenzy of activity” in businesses adopting new tech.

The last 12 months seem to have been unprecedented in terms of the use and introduction of technology and digital innovation. Who would have thought that OpenAI and ChatGPT only really came to market and wider use in November 2022? With the launch of Google’s AI and other platforms there does seem to be a frenzy of activity as organisations seek to understand what artificial intelligence can do for them or how it might impact their businesses.

This follows several years, which included the pandemic and lockdowns, when we looked at the use of technology and digitisation to manage our organisations. Following Brexit increased focus was also placed on the use of technology to address issues around supply chain management and labour shortages.

On a personal basis, all of us no doubt are having to master and get to grips with a growing number of software programmes and platforms aimed at making our lives, or at least the day job, easier. How often though do we find things take longer, don’t work as promised and in fact are more of a hinderance than

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