ALB Sheeran 3

Ed Sheeran 'appears' in shopping centre owned by Nottingham developer

Ed Sheeran has 'appeared' overnight in a shopping centre owned by Nottingham developer Arran Bailey.

The mural commemorates the time that the pop legend busked for free in Ipswich.  It has appeared today (Friday, February 9) in the town's Sailmakers shopping centre.  

The 6x4m painting, by celebrated Birmingham graffiti artist Joe Miles, was commissioned by the owner of Sailmakers, Nottingham-based ALB Group, which has been transforming the once-struggling shopping centre.  

Joe's mural will 'strike a chord' with the Ipswich public, as it provides a permanent reminder to October 7, 2022 when the singing superstar surprised locals by performing a free gig on the steps of the Town Hall.  

Now, ALB Group's managing director, Arran Bailey, is hoping that the appearance of the mural will encourage Sheeran to 'pop' along to Sailmakers and perhaps sign the mural or even busk again for shoppers.  

Arran said: "As Ed is a celebrated hometown boy who still has a house in Suffolk, what better way to acknowledge his talents and the recognition he gives the local area than with a mural in the heart of the town.  

“We wanted the artwork to just pop up overnight just like Sheeran’s impromptu gig and surprise fans and locals.  

“Who knows, he may even want to come and see it himself and busk in the shopping centre – he has an open invitation from our own ‘A-Team’ at ALB.”  

The artist, who last year created another Ipswich-themed mural in Sailmakers, worked on the new Ed Sheeran mural during the night, while the shopping centre in Tavern Street was closed to customers. 

Finished during the early hours of this morning, it appears as you rise up the escalators to the first floor.    

Arran hopes it will be a 'perfect symphony' of shopping and art - and may even inspire a song or two while shoppers browse the stores.    

ALB Group began refurbishing Sailmakers after its purchase in 2022 with the ambition that works would breathe new life into the 133,000 sq ft shopping centre and the surrounding area.