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Redistribution of thousands of items by Cawarden empowers the Nightlife Outreach charity to achieve its mission

Specialist contractor Cawarden, based in Derby, has salvaged and subsequently donated thousands of unwanted items from its project on Edmund Street in Birmingham city centre to Nightlife Outreach, a mental health and addiction support service located near the project.

In a heartening display of community collaboration, Cawarden has stepped forward to make a substantial contribution to the Birmingham-based charity to help enhance their facilities for mental health and addiction support. The donation includes essential items including thousands of carpet tiles, various types of lighting, hundreds of roof tiles and even a fully equipped kitchen complete with appliances and serving counters.

The items have been carefully saved from a 10-storey former headquarters-style office block which is currently undergoing a full shell and core strip-out by the Cawarden team to prepare the building for future redevelopment by the client.

Since its establishment in 1986, Cawarden has always prioritised reclamation, reuse, and recycling in its operations, diverting at least 97% of materials from landfill.

Nightlife Outreach, known for its commitment to providing a safe and inclusive space for the most vulnerable members of the community, is currently in the process of relocating its community centre. The support from Cawarden comes as a timely boost, significantly enhancing the facilities and resources available to those seeking assistance.

With over 3,000 items donated, it is estimated that the donations have saved the charity more than £10,000. Not only this, but the environmental savings are in the region of 13.122 tCO2e deferred and more than 13,000kg of potential waste diverted from landfill.

The donation of carpet tiles and roof tiles is expected to play a crucial role in not only enhancing the physical comfort of the space but also contributing to its aesthetic appeal. These elements are essential in creating an environment that promotes a sense of well-being, aligning with Nightlife Outreach's holistic approach to mental health support.

The lighting is anticipated to have a multifaceted impact. Beyond its functional aspects, appropriate lighting is known to influence mood and ambience; contributing to the overall atmosphere of the new community centre.

The fully equipped kitchen and serving counters, along with all the appliances, are hailed as a game-changer for Nightlife Outreach. This addition not only facilitates their daily operations but also enables them to expand their services. The kitchen becomes a central hub, allowing the organisation to extend its support more comprehensively, fostering a sense of community and care.

Nightlife Outreach operates on the belief that positive change is best achieved through community involvement. Their philosophy of being run by the people, for the people, aligns with Cawarden's longstanding commitment to community support. The donation reflects a shared vision of creating a supportive environment where individuals facing mental health and addiction challenges can find solace and assistance.

Stephan Turner, COO of the Nightlife Outreach commented:

“Cawarden's contribution to Nightlife Outreach exemplifies the power of community collaboration, where corporate entities actively participate in creating positive change. As we prepare to unveil our new community centre, the impact of Cawarden's donation will undoubtedly be felt by those seeking refuge and support in challenging times."

Samuel Crooks, Contracts Director at Cawarden said:

"We are delighted to have been able to assist Nightlife Outreach in such a significant way and contribute to their goal of relocating their community centre. This collaboration is a prime example of our dedication to supporting local communities. It also emphasises our ongoing commitment to becoming more sustainable by promoting the reuse of materials from our projects. This approach is vital for achieving a more circular economy, reducing waste and emissions, and giving materials a second life. By doing so, we help organisations like Nightlife Outreach save money on purchasing new materials and they can instead focus their funds on other critical areas. We eagerly anticipate visiting their new space in the near future."